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  1. Dropped in to see some insight on the game....usual miserable suspects hating. Guys get outside. Get a hobby.
  2. Nice, so salty in here. Nothing but the usual patriot hating suspects. I hated Montana when they were winning everything too but there was no internet back then to bitch and whine. Life long Pats fan. I was there at the old Sullivan Stadium. Grogan, Sam Cunningham, John Hannah, Andre Tippet. You want see obnoxious, hit Fenway in April or Sept when all the "life long" Yankee students are in there. Jesus, give a little credit.
  3. https://weei.radio.com/blogs/ryan-hannable/patriots-reportedly-disciplining-wide-receiver-josh-gordon-mondays-game-vs-bills?fbclid=IwAR0M4bkDZOmlWQ4MoMdcrp8mnkKLYb6AABDxZbVqMxf_1IxDmMBKz1_t6Ww just adding source. sorry if it has been already
  4. i agree. i know this team is garbage. im hoping for more rec yards this year out of him. this team will abandon the run in most games by the half.
  5. This is still going on? I'm not reading these walls of texts. To all you pats fans defending the wall, cheers! Stop feeding these fn cry baby trolls. And for the rest of you...every fan base is obnoxious. Most pats fans embarrass me. I'm not a fly by night fan. I go back to Sullivan stadium, aluminum bench seats. Steve Grogan, Hog Hannah, Sam Cunningham. SB XX. I hated the Yankees and their greatness, I hated the Canadians and their greatness. I hated Montanna and the niners. I hated them but never cried and made excuses like this. Pathetic. Give credit.
  6. Ref claim is so weak. You blame refs after a game most coaches would punch you in the mouth. Over come it. Give credit and move on. Pathetic.
  7. you know this is a great idea. especially when they go to that split screen commercial/game thing. with ratings where they are, couldn't hurt
  8. all you guys complaining about refs and calls. I want to thank you for marching yesterday 12 took a shot in the ribs early in the second half that would have put plenty out of the game....give credit
  9. Woods Bryant or Cole based on matchup. Hurns is out. Bryant has looked good. Woods, Titans are decent against the run.
  10. I like Cole a lot. Matchup and Hurns ruled out. Not sure how injured Thomas is but if it's significant I'd go Cole.
  11. Gordon if you absolutely need a potential home run. But don't love his match up. Westbrook or Cole safer bets just not explosion potential.
  12. Hurns out. Westbrook due to the matchup. Green if healthy. Maybe he puts in an effort for Lewis.