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  1. If you have Julio or Ridley I think he is a must have handcuff.
  2. I missed that. I am skeptical of any injury that is made to sound minor. If he doesn't have turf toe then you shouldn't have any worries about his outlook, but I if I see his performance drop in the next couple of weeks I'm blaming it on the his toe rather than skill.
  3. I passed on DJ and I think it was the wrong decision after this week. It should be almost impossible for him to put up worst stats than last year in this offense.
  4. Every player that has had turf toe has seen a drop in their stats from my recollection. This could be bad while it heals.
  5. How good is the Browns offensive line? Is anybody worried about the new offensive coordinator? From just looking at game logs Peyton Barber got a ton of carries last year but not much came of it.
  6. I think he's going a little high. Everything is good except we don't what type of offense this is going to be. This should be a passing team and I don't know how I feel about taking a back in passing offense that doesn't catch passes. I'd rank him right before Aaron Jones maybe RB 13.
  7. They need a second superstar and Lonzo is underrated. They were never going to win this year anyway, so while shocking this is not horrible for them. I think the bad signings we're because they knew they had no chance this year. Lakers goal once again is to get a second star.
  8. The biggest lesson I learned was that first analysts don't know much. Second, you have to create your own rankings. A lot of people where bitten by tight ends but I felt they were all going to high and I ended up with Kittle and Ebron. Which leads to my third point when teams we are guessing what will happen and safer picks should be ranked higher. Once the season ends teams will change and players will start to get hyped based on what we think they will do and then some ranking will come out ranking them over player X that has a lot less risk. In short my first five picks are going to be safe and boring.
  9. This could be totally off base, but when he first announced that he would be coming back the first thing I thought was he is doing this so he can be traded. I see no way that Pitt is going to let him play at this point. By saying he is coming back they now have a deadline to trade him. Thoughts?
  10. Your right I shouldn't i have left it. Based on the time share that Hunt is in and the defenses he has to face to I think he's going to victim to bad game scripts or usage issues at least until half way through the season. It's hard for me to see how he returns first round value value with all those factors.
  11. My first league of the year I always draft first round busts. Gurley, Ajayi, and this year Hunt. For the rest of my drafts I make sure not to pick that player. I can almost guarantee Hunts season will not be good this year. I debated between him and Melvin and picked wrong.
  12. My concern is that Anderson was covered by Slay all night. The TD he caught was when Slay wasn't on him. Second Kearse was out. Im not sure how that affects Enunwa but it's another variable. Enunwa is going to cost a lot after last night's performance. Unless Anderson has a tough CB schedule ROS I'm not sure about Enunwa.
  13. I like Dion but I disagree with this. Ingram is going to give you first round value when he returns. Second, every draft I've done so far tight ends seems to be going way too early in comparison to the talent still on the board.
  14. My issue is Dez is still a good redzone threat. I can't say this team is better without him. I would have to draft Barkley over Zeke. Is that crazy? Barkley's situation seems better in almost every way. I would say I compare Zeke's situation to Mccoy's situation last year and that's not worth top 3.
  15. I think people are mistaken how Lebron is going to be used. He needs to play more without the ball. I think him playing with legit ball handlers will be the best thing for his career.