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  1. I would do it. Sga and morant are in the same rank in my opinion. Plus you will have wiggins.
  2. I would wait. Your only drop is justi. Wait and see what happens when lamb plays and drop him for brooks
  3. My co manager need pf. And he likes my hunter/barnes. I also need steals. Should i offer barnes for ross? Or cp3 barnes for brogdon? Thank you
  4. I traded away my players for these, who won the trade?
  5. Both dropped and i like the two. Who should i use 1st my 3rd waiver claim? Thank you
  6. Would you do it? Its a 14 team. And my pf are hunter barnes and wood. I also have deandre and birch and i need steals.
  7. For marc gasol,mcgee or birch?
  8. Tough but it will be a better team for sure. If you can afford trade your 1st pick then do it. Personally i wont trade may 1st pick, maybe when things get ugly.
  9. I like bam but i like the lillard and booker combo. I would keep them both
  10. Without knowing my needs, who do you think is better?
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