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  1. Just to clarify, the keeper rules are a little complicated regarding who you can keep, their cost and what round. Trout was not keeper eligible from last season, as far as how people pass on him 3 times for pitchers I do not know, it was very odd.
  2. My home league just finished our draft. The league is a 12 Team H2H League with 9x8 Categories. We keep up to 3 players and mine were Arenado (Round 2), Turner (Round 7), Hoskins (Round 10). I had the 4th overall pick this year and was anticipating taking one of the big 4 aces, however 3 SPs came flying off the board and Trout was right there for me to take 4th overall. The league categories are the following: Hitting: R, H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP Pitching: IP, W, SV, BB, K, ERA, WHIP, QS My Team Infield: Wilson Ramos (C), Rhys Hoskins (1B), Whit Merrifield (2B), Nolan Arenado (3B), Trea Turner (SS) OF & Utility: Mike Trout (OF), Ryan Braun (OF), Adam Eaton (OF), Jay Bruce (UTIL), Michael Conforto (UTIL) | Bench: Michael Brantley, Stephan Piscotty Pitchers: Zach Greinke (SP), James Paxton (SP), Craig Kimbrel (RP), Cody Allen (RP), Danny Duffy (P), Blake Snell (P) Bench: Marco Estrada, Brad Brach, Matt Harvey, Tyler Glasnow Any feedback on the team would be appreciated, obviously starting pitching is going to be a bit of a concern if some of these guys don't pan out. I instantly regret drafting Glasnow as I didn't realize he doesn't even have a starting job right now....Anyways let me know how you think I did and any recommendations to help improve the team are appreciated! Leave a link to your questions and I'll be happy to return the favor!
  3. Arenado in 2nd is worth keeping mostly due to the fact that it's a very competitive 12 perosn keeper league. The type of talent in the 2nd round is more like round 3 or 4 in a snake.
  4. Getting ready for another fantasy baseball season and will need to decide on keepers soon. League format is weekly H2H categories which are the following: Batting: R, H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP Pitching: IP, W, SV, K, BB, WHIP, ERA, CS We are allowed to keep a player as long as we want, however each year the cost to keep the player moves up 2 rounds. Players in the top 5 rounds only move up 1 spot if they were a keeper on your roster from the prior year. Here are my options: Trea Turner - round 7 pick Nolan Arenado - round 2 pick AJ Pollock - round 15 pick Anthony Rendon - round 6 pick Byron Buxton - round 11 pick Gerrit Cole - round 4 pick Craig Kimbrel - round 8 pick Rhys Hoskins - round 10 pick Jon Gray - round 18 pick Carlos Rodon - round 19 pick My thought is that Turner and Arenado are locks. However I really don't know who the third should be....Any help would be greatly appreciated! Leave a link and i will return the favor.
  5. It seems like you are really down on Ajayi. That being said if you thought Ajayi was just as good or better than Howard would that change things?
  6. I would say if you could move a couple of those RBs (maybe Murray + Blount) for a higher end RB that would be great. Help with mine?
  7. Yes I think so, but I'm still a fan of the potential of Bryant + Murray.
  8. If Montgomery and Williams are out for the Packers its clearly Jones. However if either play I would go with Collins. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/673328-blockkbuster-trade-help-100-whir/
  9. Doug Martin by ALOT. This week Murray just because Martin will only have 1 official practice with the team before their game tomorrow coming off of suspension. Help with mine?
  10. Like others I really like this trade for you, I do not see any drawback. Help with mine?
  11. I would rank them exactly how you have them for this week. That being said I think Ellington and Collins is close and the drop off is pretty big for me after that. Help with mine?
  12. I like this trade a lot for you, primarily because I like Mixon > Pryor. I would then try to flip Blount for another WR if possible. Help with mine?
  13. I don't see how you Veto this as bad as the trade is based on talent. Team B certainly benefits from the trade adding RB talent/depth. He should have probably asked for a better RB or TE in return though. Also if there are any keeper or roster positions that weren't specified this may make more sense. Thanks for the help with mine.
  14. My team is currently 1-3 and I've been struggling with conistency out of the WR position due to boom/bust type players. I was aggressively pursuing Keenan Allen which has turned into a much bigger trade. Six teams make the playoffs in a 10 team league and I think my team is decent so I know I can get back into the mix! I give: Tyreek Hill, Jordan Howard & Jimmy Graham I get: Jay Ajayi, Keenan Allen, Greg Olsen I would then drop Carson Palmer and stream TE, with any of the following: Eric Ebron, Ben Watson, Jason Witten, Colby Fleener, Jack Doyle, etc. Does this trade make my team better plus give me a more consistent WR? Leave a link and I will return the favor!