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  1. I am The Champ! My score 131.52 His score 111.14 The Best there Is, The Best There was, and the Best there Ever will be
  2. Standard scoring... I'm up 131.52 to 109.14 I have No players left... I need Jared Cook to score UNDER 22.38 pts
  3. I didn't like either one of my flex's, i went with Ertz for the upside and the matchup and BOY DID IT EVER WORK OUT!!!!, I posted about it 3 times before the game started, if you refer back sir...All that matters is making the right call when it counts. Thank You Big Zack!!!
  4. cant you read? i started ERTZ, League winning move last minute! wooooooooooooooo
  5. David Johnson vs Rams or Samuels vs Saints for the Flex. Standard League/ non ppr
  6. Tyler Lockett, should be a high scoring affair.
  7. Dj vs Rams or Samuels vs Saints Standard League/ non ppr
  8. I'm sticking with ertz over Dj, i feel like i'm gonna need a upside play over a floor play. hoping for a hopkins/ertz shoot out.
  9. also wilson and mahomes have scored the 4th and 1st most TDs for qb's, i think it will be high scoring.
  10. Its not crazy, don't think you can go wrong with either guy, but i'd stick with mahommes, believe kc/seattle could possible be a shoot-out, kc offense taking a lead and forcing seattle away from their running game mentality to catch up. Cleveland could go run heavy if they get a big lead on driskel lead bengals.
  11. Start David Johnson vs Rams or Zack Ertz vs Texans in Flex? standard scoring non-ppr.
  12. Start David Johnson vs Rams or Zack Ertz vs Texans in Flex? in standard scoring non-ppr.