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  1. The hype would already be warranted even without the insane YPC, YAC, ect. splits with Murray (even league avg). He's going to get the work this week, and ALL signs prove he's going to wreck shop. If he doesn't, we can all chill a bit. But this is it. 70yds should be his floor. If he gets going, it might be a 1997 4-inch taller Jerome Bettis type day for real. 27 carries, 157 yds, 1 TD+ upside.
  2. Damn... the way he just took the ball out of Heywards hands like he was a younger kid playing with his ball. He's going to pop off one of these 1Q's for 100yds and a TD, proceed to finish with 200+ 2TDs and be a household name for the foreseeable future. He's pretty good... wow/
  3. Wouldn't be worried until I hear worse. Different story if he left in game with it.
  4. Aside from passing low intensity workouts on a stationary bike for 20-30 minutes without symptoms ... One full day of non-limited practice.
  5. Murray entered this season in the worst possible situation, and nothing but a Henry injury could/can save it. No knock on Murray at ALL, he's just stuck sharing a backfield with an All-World talent. Henry is going to demand to be fed whether Murray is healthy or not. Murray will still play a big role on the team, but will become all but fantasy irrelevant in a few weeks (again barring a Henry injury)
  6. This is what Tennessee knew and expected this would come to, just not this early. Ideally, they'd want a 60/40 Murray split where Henry can simultaneously get experience, and stay fresh. Simply put, if you're watching the games it's clear to see there is no way Murray can keep pace with this kid.
  7. I think he will hover around a 6rec/80yd baseline once he gets into full stride with a TD every 2-3 games. With room for upside.
  8. Certifiably Bell, but it's a crapshoot with the others. Ty's snap rate is sky high, and he's in a favorable situation regardless of opponent or score. If he stays healthy, he's gunna f'n EAT in PPR.
  9. He runs with a strange urgency. One of those special players you can recognize just by the naked eye. He'll be a top 10 RB week in and week out after approx wk 7-8.
  10. JJ to chill, and Ty make ATL LBs look worse than Cohen did.
  11. Heywards 5'11" vs Parkers 6'4" with nutty hops.. Cutler is going to chuck that thing to him high and deep.
  12. No, not pass.. but to get him bidding, you'll have to break the bank even in standard. His floor is that much lower in PPR, which is the point. He's obviously worth a #1 claim in both, though.
  13. ATL never knew what hit them. Cohen is legit, and will very much be accounted for from here on out. He's the most electric guy on the team, and will instantly be the #2 option to move the ball. 4-6 targets a game is virtually assured, maybe even 4-6 receptions. Efforts will be made to get him a few balls 10+yds deep, but he'll be forcefed on check downs if those aren't hitting. He won't sniff 10 carries. Most games with sub 40 ru yds. Avg statline should be: 5att/35yds 5rec 60yds 0.4TDs. IMO - bust a nut for him in ppr, pass in stan
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