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  1. In deeper leagues Randall Cobb has some plug and play appeal @WAS MIA @NO GB revenge game @NYJ Those all feel like pretty good slot matchups
  2. The only question regarding Engram is when Daniel Jones takes over will that change things
  3. The thing to watch for is if Mccoy begins to get some RZ usage sooner or later. Damien Williams will always be an upside play as long as he dominates those, but if it starts getting murky that will hurt a lot. I still think both backs are going to be relevant because of how good the offense is.
  4. This is going to be a hot hand approach. I don't think the difference in talent between Peyton and Jones is that much
  5. Mosteret looks pretty good, but the 49ers early schedule is gonna make it hard to use him while Tevin Coleman is out if you're already in decent shape at RB. Lets say Breida is out of the picture it would be - @CIN PIT BYE CLE @LAR and then if Coleman is still out after 5 weeks @WAS CAR
  6. I disagree Damien Harris is going to be inactive until some injuries hit because he doesn't play special teams. Michel still has a really long leash
  7. I thought Robby was pretty close to a very good fantasy day vs Bills, but the Darnold situation makes this a steer clear until he gets back
  8. The concern would be about the Jets not being able to get 1st downs without Darnold or Leveon. Still has a relatively safe floor in full point PPR, but .5 formats loses a lot of shine
  9. I think AB hurts all the pass catchers because he just gets open with such ease and will become a target hog, but the Pats have such a good offense where everybody could feast
  10. I have John Brown and Desean Jackson in the same territory. I think they're being really underrated right now because of the boom or bust deep threat label. They could be in line for a healthy number of targets per game this season to cushion that bust and make those weeks not so bad
  11. He has a better floor, but I still feel like there is a little TD chasing for those with Gus/Dixon and Lamar could steal those TDs as well. There isn't a clear picture in who is going to get those RZ touches and is probably game flow dependent
  12. I'll go against the grain here and say I don't see the upside with all the RZ touches split 3 ways. I predicted earlier Dixon would eat into Ty's snaps, while having no impact on Gus as game flow still matters. I think Dixon's touch count is more secure without Ty.
  13. Lamar is getting a large chunk of those rushing attempts though. I still think there is a little TD chasing for Gus/Dixon going on here, but there is a good chance of that happening vs Bucs and downside of Lamar GL TD rushes as well.
  14. Besides the fumble Mcguire was able to replicate Nick Chubb's week vs Texans. Pretty good especially after bad first half and could've been more if he got some check downs
  15. I don't agree with this. I don't have any issue with somebody starting Dixon over Mcguire, but it won't be because I expect Dixon to get most of the RZ touches or Mcguire being in a 50/50 split.