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  1. That's the other part of the equation... while i worry about Denver being able to put up any points, at the same time the Bucs offense needs to get on track and I can see them keeping the foot on the gas, like a glorified practice.
  2. The only concern is with Denver being able to put any points on the board. TB offense could get conservative 2nd half.
  3. Extremely frustrating but I think he's a hold, and I'm starting him again this week. Everything you pointed out... McCoy and Miller were easy TD grabs that no professional athlete has any business dropping. I mean the one to Miller was a beautiful ball that literally went through his forearms. Not tipped off the end of the finger... it was put in exactly the spot to make the easiest catch. Brady had 12 incompletions, 9 of which were catchable balls, and 7 of the 9 hit the receiver's hands or arms. Watching Brees, if I'm an owner, I'm a little worried. He cannot push the ball downfield. But different story with Brady, his arm looks good. 40-50 yards downfield with zip. He was lacking protection and timing in game 1, and his teammates really let him down in game 2.
  4. He was bad all the way around. His reads were poor. He panicked and left the pocket too early, threw into triple coverage. The sidelines were open on several occasions and he just missed it, forced the ball to the middle of the field.
  5. Another good one... I mean, the guy was a college WR at Purdue.
  6. Why would you be worried about that? He has clearly won this job and he was the guy they had pegged before the other guys even went on IR. Absolute steal of the year waiver wire add.
  7. This happens all the time at all levels. College fans are so up in arms when a *5 Star* doesn't live up to the billing. Yet professional franchises that pay millions of dollars to scouts (who have the advantage of seeing the guys play at the college level) don't even get things correct. Tom Brady was a 6th rounder. Russell Wilson a 3rd, who had to beat out Flynn just to get the job.
  8. My guess is the Jets have the right cleats and the 49ers didn't. I don't think the players are lying about the turf being sticky, and the amount of injuries support their claims.
  9. I don't think they will let him play at Met Life even if he is feeling OK.
  10. Same two I'm riding with. Expecting a rebound.
  11. No complaints from me. Several shares of Golladay and Drake although I am against Murray/Nuk. One of those weeks you hope it's a fluke - all rushing TD's for Zona.
  12. Yah, in a week chock full of massive projected point totals, this game comes in 2nd highest at 54.5. Only Cowboys/Seahawks is higher at 55.5. We desperately need Kenny healthy for this shootout.
  13. And meanwhile, Tevin Coleman is getting an MRI on his knee. That turf ruined SF.
  14. Not gonna lie, this one hurts. He was a key to my season, a WR1 I figured I could land in round 4. They probably shouldn’t have rushed him back, the play he was hurt on he had to reach up to catch a ball with his bum shoulder, which was picked, and he ruined his knee chasing down Haden.
  15. Yah, just don't get the panic on this one. If weeks 1 and 2 are his floor games, you are in really good shape. Looking at his game log LY, he had monster games mixed in with some duds. I would be buying here if there are any iffy Drake owners in your leagues.