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  1. Yup, 2nd worst coach in the NFL after Gase. Let his team read all those press clippings and allowed them to become fat and sassy. Paper champions.
  2. Sitting for Coutee playing Oakland with no more Fuller.
  3. Not sure anyone is buying at this point. I’m not in those types of leagues where some dunce sees a name, does zero research and accepts a trade for a guy that hasn’t jogged in 3 weeks. Yes I’d take a Lockett or similar player in a New York minute.
  4. Yep, and we all saw what an average runner like CJ can do in the offense. I have shares of Henderson.
  5. Id be more concerned with the little things and mental aspects of the position. Henderson is likely the more explosive runner but they might be more comfortable with Malcom.
  6. Well the whole point is....did it *actually* strengthen your bench or is it just a flashy name sitting there that in reality is preventing you from picking up another player who could actually contribute? I dropped him and yes he was scooped up right away...but I have zero regrets about dropping him.
  7. Yep, some 20 pages ago I said give me 2-4 weeks and I’ll take it in a heartbeat. Seems like he’s still quite a ways away. Im really thinking bye week at this point. Hope I’m wrong. Like u said he isn’t even running off to the side.
  8. Yah, agree....and I'm guilty of carrying AJ for this long. I took a gamble because based on his injury, he should've been back by week 5 at the worst... Now we're into week 6 and he's ruled out before practice even starts for the week? He's playing contract games but has the excuse of an injury. So what, he gets traded, goes somewhere and has to learn a new playbook and develop chemistry with the QB... So I hold a guy all year and he ends up having 1 or 2 good games? But that roster spot was occupied all those weeks and who knows what points you missed out on? My team could have won an actual game last week if Watkins or AJ's roster spots were used by the entirely un-sexy Eagles Defense.
  9. There's nothing to report because the Packers didn't practice Wednesday, they have the Monday night game. There will be info today for sure.
  10. Just dropped him and AJ Green. Tired of waiting on people who can't or don't want to play. Feels good to be done with them. It suits my team better to line up a good Defense for next week (DEF is really thin next week, btw) and a guy like Hunter Henry who might actually help me, you know, win games, instead of looking like some fancy name on my bench.
  11. Is he droppable? Guy had one ridiculous week, then 4 straight duds including a Zero pointer. Now he has shoulder and hamstring issues, isn't practicing and Hill is coming back. The next 5 match-ups are less than favorable, then the bye week. I understand to an extent matchups don't matter to KC because they'll put points up against almost any defense but how much can we actually expect out of Watkins over the next 6 weeks?
  12. The silver lining here is it happened on a TNF game. Max possible rest time and when he’s close to coming back, they won’t be playing in a TNF game which usually pushes teams to sit someone for 1 more game.
  13. Edwards is my pick. He needs to be rostered in 12 team leagues, lotto ticket if Ingram goes down. I watched the replay of the Ravens-Chiefs game, and immediately added him everywhere I could including the team where I own Ingram (and I despise handcuffing my own players). He looked every bit the part, ripping off chunk gains all over the place and had a couple of big plays called back on penalties.
  14. Honestly. Unbearable and reminds me of why I stay away for long stretches. Biggest collection of Debbie Downers on the planet.
  15. I’m hoping for a 2-4 week timeframe and would take it in a heartbeat.