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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I have to admit that I've played ESPN for years, and was simply accustomed to their platform counting offensive turnover TDs against the defense. I was able to find an article from last year saying that they changed it, but I was totally unaware that this had happened.
  2. Need a little help with a tough situation. In one of my ESPN leagues I'm the League Manager, and also made the playoffs. In week 14 I ended up losing by one point, 93-92. However, my opponent started the Arizona D/ST, which currently on ESPN shows 11 points against. Of course, that's wrong as Detroit scored 17 on them. Because of this error, my opponent has an extra three points. Do I step in and alter the score myself in my own matchup? Or do I simply sit back and have faith that an adjustment is coming, and prepare this week as if I've advanced to the next round? Thanks in advance.