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  1. Roark and Lamet. I love Lamet before injury and he looks like he's rehabbing well.
  2. I'm going to throw some love toward Yordan. The guy is a beast on a potent offense. Way too much value. I'd go Soto, Alvarez and then either Acuna or Lindor depending on what you think might be available in the draft that you will get.
  3. go for the win this year. You have a contender now's the time to put yourself in a position to win it all. Rebuilding can happen quickly. "You play to win the game!!!"
  4. I agree with Mocha and the Truth. Vlad's upside is 2020 and beyond. In a redraft he is a great commodity to trade
  5. You'd be selling low here. Let him get a hot streak of even a few games and then see if you can improve the return
  6. Keeper league -- categories are R, Avg, OPS, HR, RBI, SB He offered Moncada and Minor for Soto. Minor would just be for the rest of this year. Moncada I would have for 3 years. I have Soto for at least 3 years. I don't have a 3B signed for next year would have to draft one and likely slim pickings by the time draft comes to me. My OF going into next year would be Stanton, Yordan, and Senzel. Am I dropping off too much this year (since who knows when Stanton comes back)? Who is better long term Soto or Moncada?
  7. That is the funniest thread I have seen on this forum. That's a passionate parent right there. haha
  8. 12 team standard PPR league. We can keep 3 players. I have Zeke and Barkley as my two musts. Hilton is my top WR. I have a chance to trade for OBJ for a 2nd round pick or AJ Green for a 4th rounder. There both upgrades from Hilton imo, but are they worth the value of those picks (especially with Green's injury status)? I'm tempted to just sit on Hilton and keep the picks. Would anyone do those deals?
  9. From CBS: Brewers' Corey Ray: Logs four-hit effort Sunday Ray reached base in all five of his plate appearances Sunday in Double-A Biloxi's 11-4 win over Jacksonville. He recorded two doubles, two bases, a walk, a stolen base and scored three times in the victory. The four-hit showing tied a season high and lifted Ray's line to .259/.358/.478 across 285 plate appearances in the Southern League. After a rough campaign at High-A Carolina in 2017, the Brewers' 2016 first-round pick has made major strides this season while facing higher-caliber pitching. He
  10. You do have some good pieces. Obvious weak spot is on your left side. Lucic should not be owned in a 10 team or even a 12 team league. Teravainen and Buchnevich for Lucic and Brown area the first two moves I'd make. I don't know how Jones does on the peripheral cats but Stralman and Ekholm I think are better fantasy producers. Gudas gets you PIMs and maybe some blocks but I would rather have EKholm in my lineup. Goaltending is solid and Centres are deep. Try flipping Bishop (will get hurt again sometime this year) and one of your centres for a better LW
  11. Obviously the Carter injury puts this on hold.
  12. Yeah. Watch this situation closely. I don't believe it's a long term thing. Marner will be back up on the top lines soon enough. In a daily I would sit him for now but check each morning. Good thing is, it's Toronto so there will be no shortage of news every single minute on the situation.
  13. Ha ha. Nicely done. I need that owner in my leagues.
  14. Bit of a flip of a coin. Both are off to a good start but with unknown rookies hard to say who will be able to sustain it season long. Probably neither really. I think Andrighetto is more solid in his role with Colorado. They had him pegged for the lineup before training camp and will give him more of a leash when things go dry. Bratt wasn't even expected to make the team and his coach today said he was the biggest surprise. So I'm going to say Andrighetto will end up with more points in April but if I was choosing between the two on waivers I'd take Bratt for now...ride his hot s
  15. Definitely more appealing. I think Rask is an upgrade over Anderson (Boston will get healthy and Rask will benefit from that). Parise is better than Maroon (when healthy which should be soon) and O'Reilly/Horvat is pretty much a wash this year. Horvat has more upside but Vancouver is just not a good team. So it's up to you and what you feel you need. I would take it for the upgrade in goal but some others probably won't see that as enough of an upgrade to pull the trigger.
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