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  1. Matthew Berry was right. The Cardinals have managed to turn Murray into a game manager. And shame on the Cardinals for not finding a complimentary WR to Larry Fitzgerald after having only what, 5 years advanced notice? Christian Kirk isn't it. Larry should be ripping it up from the slot these days instead he's the only competent WR on the field for them and gets the best CB's and double teams.
  2. I don't understand Atlanta. They have so much talent on the offensive side of the ball.....
  3. Guess I should just be happy with my 7.7 points from Nuk, it's better than the last 3 weeks.
  4. I'm tellin ya, go back and watch the replay, he had his mouth wide open.......he got jaw jacked. Insta-concussion.
  5. LOL sad but true. I have been holding on to AJ Green just thinking "wow, I'll have Nuk and Green in my starting line up!" I'm thinking "can Green please come back and replace Nuk?"
  6. He had his mouth wide open......basically he just got jaw jacked, that is NOT good to get hit like that with mouth open. Concussion / knock out city. Best if he'd had his mouth shut and chomped down on the mouth guard.
  7. I had the # 5 spot in my 14 teamer and every "expert" was saying "take the sure-thing WR1 and then high upside RBs in the 2nd and 3rd! Get the sure-fire points from round 1" FAIL.
  8. AND his trade value is junk. At least with someone like Tyreek Hill there's positive trade value based on the potential when he gets back.
  9. I'm sure I've had season-ending injuries to deal with but it legitimately feels like Hopkins might be the worst 1st round draft pick I've ever made.
  10. DeAndre are dead to me
  11. F'N CHRIS CARSON QUIT FUMBLING THE BALL Dude gonna get f'n benched.