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  1. It is really fun when you pick a contrarian team and Miami comes through with an upset and half the league is eliminated in one game. Like when EVERYONE picked the Vikings to beat the Bills in week 3 last year and the Bills came through with the huge upset. I ended up winning a bunch of money last year because because between the Saints week 1 loss and the Bills game, the field was down from 80 people to less than 10 after week 3.
  2. Luckily I was up against Keenan Allen (CSB) but it would have made the next 2 days a whole lot less stressful if he had caught that. Brutal.
  3. Sounds like deep down inside you know that Chubb is likely to have a good game and you are trying to convince yourself that he might put up a dud against you. The Denver offense is likely to struggle again and I could see them punting a lot on Saturday. Chubb is heavily involved in the Browns offense and should see a lot of volume with plenty of chances to get loose for a long TD. Chubb has been solid for fantasy since taking over and he'smore likely to go off against you than put up that dud you are hoping for.
  4. This is another one of those matchups that looks worse than it is. Don't get me wrong, the Seattle defense had been playing well and I don't consider this a plus matchup. In my league settings they are the 7th ranked defense vs TE. If you dig a little deeper and look at the teams they have played against you, will see that they haven't played against many teams that utilize the TE and the biggest TE name they have faced was Jimmy Graham (4/79/1). Kittle put up 6/70 in Seattle 2 weeks ago. I expect that to be his floor at home this week with a chance for a TD.
  5. I remember most if his receiving yards last week came after the heel injury, and I don't think those were all go routes. If he could do it then, he can do it tomorrow night.
  6. For what it's worth: I haven't listened to the podcast myself, but I heard that @profootballdoc Dr. Chao said (on his podcast) that the type of injury that Hill has hurts when you walk but not when you run. Which makes sense in that he was able to run and catch fine last week but came up limping after the play. The area of his heel that is hurt isn't used for running/sprinting. Its more of a pain management issue and shouldn't be at risk to make the injury worse. He expects him to be effective on Thursday.
  7. All 3 of Luck's dud games this season have been away games. Luck plays well at home. I would rather he not be playing Dallas in the semis but I'm not going to try and get cute and play someone like Allen over him. He should be fine.
  8. Well he hyped up Royce Freeman beyond belief this off-season and continued to tell everyone until week 6 or 7 that Denver was stupid for playing Lindsay over him... So you decide.
  9. I also thought this was weird. They talked about the hit but never mentioned that he was in the medical tent. I had to get updates through Twitter. I thought I read a tweet that he left the field with trainers after the medical tent but I don't recall the source or if it was a reliable one. Very strange.
  10. Most if his production came late in the 4th quarter after the game was already over (aka garbage time). His output before that was not good to put it nicely. Hopefully Goodwin and/or Garcon suit up this week and take some pressure off of Kittle.
  11. Not sure why people always post stupid posts like these. They aren't funny and they don't add anything valuable to the players season outlook discussion. Please post this garbage in the "cool story bro" or "vent and rant" threads. We're all tired of seeing this stuff.