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  1. Yea bad timing . But yea he will be chucking his tds per usual , I love when I can get Brees on any team especially discounted
  2. Hyde is very capable as I edited in above. And I never said Carson doesnt have value, I said its taken a hit. And no I wouldn't worry much about Carsons value with any of those other players, not anywhere near as much as Hyde. Again you want to fight as if I'm saying Carson becomes useless by your tone, and that's not even close to what I'm saying
  3. It is never...ever, that cut and dry Hyde had 1000+ and 6 tds last year, that's nothing to just scoff at
  4. Carson takes a huge hit with Hyde signing
  5. 29 already lmao what a waste, biggest flop in modern fantasy history applying for that reinstatement soon!
  6. You honestly should be leading the task forces imo
  7. Really loved his production last year, was really bummed I didn't land him anywhere but going to remedy that this year
  8. It's pure insanity how some of you grab snippets and then adlib your own context to it. I said preventing the hospitals from being overwhelmed was a goal and that was accomplished.
  9. Because what you're saying is as obvious as the need to breath, that of course is the goal but the majority of the narrative was to not stress the health system. How is that even debatable? The point is this won't be squashed until theres a vaccine, so finding the balance of mitigation and living life is where we are at
  10. Continual testing will continue to show more cases, that's how it works. Most states have peaked with many downward trends. Remember the whole thing was to try and help hospitals from not being overrun all at once and we did that everywhere outside of New York pretty much, we had excess of beds and ventilators in many places ,the hospitals they put up and ships brought in with beds all were barely used. So that was the mission and we as a country did it well. Now it's time to mitigate with more traditional ways and that's what people are doing . Everywhere I go here in Pittsburgh eveyrone has a mask, everyone everywhere
  11. Its just living life still best that I can or one can, I think masks are totally essential and can keep everything that needs to be out, out. If I were younger I maybe wouldn't mind just losing months of time but on a road to 50 I gotta be honest time just flies by more and more, so I just feel the show must go on to the best of its abilities and circumstances
  12. One of the things I listened to was the head NY doctor who said that it really comes down in pretty much every case hands to face contact, he said he doesn't really fear this as he has had to just really dig in to make sure that hes constantly washing his hands. I'd go to a game, to sit with a mask on and just either not worry about food and drink and just chill, I wouldn't be one bit worried. I guess I chalk it up to the fact that in life theres always worries ,I simply find this no different but that's just me .