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  1. I dont think it was personal tho, it was all business and it obviously didnt work out for Bell but neither for the Steelers..I'm sure they'd both be willing to find a middle ground if the situation arose. Now AB left and that was ugly, that to me was more of a burned bridge...but Bell was different. I think it could happen tho ,but I'm sure its slim
  2. Never know, I'm actually surprised to see these feint rumors as I would enjoy seeing it as well
  3. Yea, I agree. I will say tho I looked at his stats and they arent AS bad as I had thought but I didnt have him this past season so I didnt totally take note. But yea I dont see it improving much at all. I really wish he could find his way back to the Steelers Imagine that headline, Bell and AB back with Ben in 2020 😂
  4. I'm sure its slim but I'd he lying if I didn't say I enjoy seeing little snippets of how Bell misses Pittsburgh and or would it make sense to bring Bell back in certain headlines etc... I feel the Steelers really should've invested into Bell and figured to build the team around him for the next 4 to 5 years. He was that guy, he can last a season and just brings so many aspects to what this teams offense needs. He didnt part in an ugly fashion like AB which is good , so I feel there's a slight outside chance some deal could be made but again I doubt it. I think tho if somehow they could it would make alot of sense as Conner isnt our man, great kid, great story , love the kid and what hes done but hes not a 16 game player and just seems to always be quickly dinged up. In any case, for what'll most likely be the do you guys think Bell will fare in his 2nd season with the Jets ?
  5. Cant wait to draft him next year and his knee blowout
  6. I don't doubt conners talent a bit, but the kid just doesn't offer stability in the backfield. I know anyone can get hurt but there are some guys that are simply hurt more than others. Hes a great talent but I don't feel he can sustain being the rb1 year in and out.
  7. Really hope they move on from Conner or just keep him as a backup, great kid, story etc...but not our man. I'd love to see Steelers make moves to bring Bell back, hes no good to the Jets, here he has a chance to make a difference. Get bell back, draft a higher end WR this year and look to get a new QB to hone the following year
  8. I wish he could get back to Pittsburgh , hes still in a position where they could build around him for a handful of years. What a shame they didn't at least work to make it happen, losing ab and bell in same year was to much and then Ben topping it off with his injury. Conner is a great kid, love him but hes not our man imo and I don't believe snell is either. But yea bells career will go to absolute waste if he stays with the Jets and I'm sure that is how itll play out
  9. He was washed up already so it's just par for the course ,what a waste
  10. Ticker update says Winston is healthy, but damn I'm not sure. Is the loss of Evan's going to hurt Winston? I almost benched Jackson the other night in similar situation and glad I didnt . But Tannehill has been pretty hot lately as well
  11. Hah ,yea easily my most unenjoyable season to date..whatever
  12. Its always been total luck for the most part, but it used to be more concrete with RBs and order of WRs getting the ball. Now it's just a total free for all ,spread the ball around, guessing game. There were just more constants back in the previous years . What is mind blowing is looking at the stats of the older guys like Tomlinson, smith , alexander, etc...go take a look at those stats and your mind will be blown especially the games missed in their careers, its insane how many games tomlinson played season after season with that many carries. I miss those days so badly