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  1. Yea thats most threads, can always tell who's butthurt
  2. Bri you gotta up your Big Lebowski game! 😂
  3. Is there a reason henry is just chilling on the sideline?
  4. Sorry was my fault, not lying every player I pick up ends up in a wheel chair by the end of the evening
  5. Just hate that it's the ravens that Boyd is against
  6. Its just loose conversation, im not writing him off Im saying that he's going to start breaking down more. Hes always had the injury tag and always puts up great seasons despite it, but there will come a season when his tags = missed time and it will start to slow him down, its a natural progression. Its not that he won't still have great games but I think his injuries are going to start to nag him more than previous years, sure maybe he gets going and finishes strong but julio is going to slowly start having more overall hindrances at 30+ and I think we're starting to see it, doesn't mean im writing him off yet. And no godwin is a hell of a lot younger, hes banged up but hes going to get back to full stride sooner than later whereas I think julio won't be able to truly hit 100% as time goes by .
  7. Yea , still doesn't mean he's not going to sputter out slowly. I hope he gets going but he's gonna be on the way down the mountain every season that goes by
  8. I think we're finally here, i knew this season was coming and I had a hunch this year his wheels might be finally falling off. I think he's toast, sucks because I have a few shares
  9. You guys think Harris is a better overall hold over Burkhead?
  10. What is this pos doing, I haven't caught any of his games yet but jfc
  11. So realistically do you guys see him getting rushed back in even if he's remotely ready ? I got an offer that I'm so torn on but I just feel this is a situation where it'll last a bit longer than we all want to hope