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  1. For fantasy purposes, how concerned are we about Drew Bree’s health after his O Line allows him to take that well deserved monster sack on the first play of the season?
  2. 2020. I remember because it was the year I drafted CEH in the 3rd round. 😉
  3. My concern with Gurley isn’t just his health, and that is a very big concern, it’s Dirk Koeter’s history of producing terrible running games. Throw in the fact that TG is a marque name, is from Georgia and played at Georgia and it worries me that they view TG as a JAG on a pass first and second offense that will be an adequate football player but a substantial box office draw. Seems like a mid RB2 to me with the arrow tilting down.
  4. this is a great strategy. My worry is that they split carries through the entire season relegating both to highly volatile RB2s
  5. This probably belongs in the undervalued thread but I think Brandon Cooks has a great chance to be a rock sold WR2 and is being massively undervalued. He’s got a great QB and Fuller is always hurt. The Texans D is trending down, the run game is nothing special and there aren’t many other options for DW. Cooks has thrived every time he’s changed teams.
  6. This sort of reminds me of Tyler Lockett (even though I think AJB is a bigger talent) he could do it again but he’s on a run first team and will have to make the most of his targets. Tyler Lockett does this every year but he is helped by having one of the best QBs in football. Certainly possible but Tannehill will have to keep playing like he did last year which was at the highest level of his career I love AJB but a lot of things have to go right for him to keep going at the clip he was last year. Like Lockett he certainly could but I don’t know if I want to take that sort of swing with some of the other players available at that ADP
  7. I’m having trouble coming up with a reason not to target Parker. Fitz is one of those QBs who seems to produce for fantasy wherever he goes. Seems like Parker will get plenty of targets. Tua is has a cannon and best of all accuracy. The only thing making me nervous here is given his 3rd-4th round ADP he seems to good to be true. This sort of reminds me Godwin last year
  8. I miss Barry Sanders so much Jahvid Best was also a stud and a steal for 8 games before he got injured for good.
  9. Lockett is amazingly efficient with his targets, he just doesn’t get enough of them. I do think Seattle passes more out of necessity this year but I’m not sure if it will be by a significant enough amounts make a difference. Wilson attempted 516 passes last year and the most he has ever attempted is 553. most of the time Lockett gets between 4-7 targets per game. Even if Lockett got 50% of those targets that’s about 1 more target a game and, say, 9 more catches? Lockett seems like an awesome WR3 and a frustratingly inconsistent WR2 I honestly would prefer steady reliable yards from my WR2 even if the ceiling isn’t as high.
  10. I guess Josh Gordon has officially demolished Christine Michael’s crown for annual “This is going to be the year” threads,
  11. You can’t argue with that! Trashbinsky is no bueno. Still, Nagy is certainly very creative with his Xs and Os but it seems to me individual players and entire offenses only really thrive and get on hot streaks when they get in a comfortable groove and then start building momentum off of that. That’s what builds chemistry. The year I had Howard and the games I saw, Nagy rarely allowed this to happen with anyone outside of Trubinsky whom he had throw the ball seemingly on every play including 4 times on 1st and goal from the 1 in one game. I think Nagy is very creative but I think he is incorporating so many complex plays and change ups that no one is able to get in that comfort zone and build the momentum necessary to hit that chemistry that makes teams great.
  12. Yes. Howard isn’t great as a pass catcher but he had some very respectable years as a runner. It will be interesting to see what he does in Miami. If they are successful in improving that O line he might be able to revive his career a bit. Unfortunately Miami has a brutal schedule of run defenses this year so he’ll probably have to get a chance next year too. The other thing that is ironic to me about Montgomery vs Howard is they seem to be very similar types of players and it seems like Howard is the better of the two. I really don’t get Nagy
  13. I can totally relate. I had Jordan Howard two years ago with Nagy and it absolutely sucked. Even when Jordan was having a good game and clearly getting into a solid groove like he did against the Jets, Nagy would pull him out and start limiting his touches. I honest to God wonder if the thought process was, "Howard is unstoppable today so the defense will expect me to keep riding him and racking up yards therefore I WON'T use Howard and try throwing the ball which HASN'T been working. They won't be expecting that!" No Nagy. They were not expecting that.
  14. With due respect I don't see how you are bullish on Montgomery after reading this. Honestly, I don't see how the author is bullish on Montgomery after writing this. The points the article makes are: > Last year Montgomery was bad at yards after contact despite breaking tackles. > The Bears offensive line should suck again this year. > The Bear's new OC has used an RBBC wherever he has gone so hopefully he won't use one in Chicago. > He caught a few passes > The Bears offense sucks. It can't suck that bad again. > "only 9-of-153 RBs with at least 250 touches in a season failed to finish better than the PPR RB24" … and Montgomery was one of them. > He'll get 250 touches. Throw in Matt Nagy and I'm just not convinced 250 touches is going to be enough. Plus, I don't understand giving the benefit of the doubt to Montgomery but not The Human Joystick who looks electric when he gets room to run. At his current ADP I want to believe but I just don't get it.
  15. You are tempting me but I’m still very wary. The Rams RB situation was very strange. Gurley clearly wasn’t right and even though he was getting the “workhorse” role by mid season, he still rarely got 18 or more touches. Malcom Brown is no Gurley but if I remember right he was pretty close to being 2019-Gurley. D Henderson was mostly used when Gurley and/or Brown were banged up which as a combo they were for a fair stretch in the middle of the season last year. When Gurley and Brown were good to go Henderson got almost no work. It’s possible but I can’t believe Henderson was so bad that McVay just threw in the towel on a respectable 3.6 round pick just like that. Especially considering his entire offense was having trouble. Also as I mentioned, McVay also has a record of not giving rookies much playing time. I expect this is going to be RBBC to start the year and even if Henderson completely face-plants Brown will still get a lot of work a likely the goal line carries as he has been pretty good there. Hopefully there is a pre-season and we get a few more clues because there is definitely a chance Akers could be “The Guy” by midseason or even sooner.