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  1. I have a team open. It’s the last place team. Must be active in yahoo chat app. No Trump lovers. Email
  2. going to do a draft between the 2 teams player pool as well.
  3. Have 2 spots open. Must be active on the yahoo chat. Email
  4. Only 5000 total tested in USA over 2 weeks as of earlier today. South Korea they test 15,000 a day. I’m not surprised this is blowing up.
  5. Free h2h league. 20 teams with deep roster. Must know your prospects and must use the yahoo app. We use the chat feature a lot. Email me at for more details.
  6. And one more team just open. Must be active on yahoo chat in the app. Email
  7. Email me at you must use the chat feature on the yahoo app. We are a talkative group.
  8. Still have one spot open. Must be active on yahoo app chat. We have a lot of talkers in league.
  9. Need 1 owner to take over a team in my year 3 dynasty league. Email
  10. Seeing if their is any interest in a double league involving normal fantasy and then using those rosters for a ps4 league.