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  1. Also...Bill Walsh retired after the 1988 season. Young became the starter in 1991 under...George Seifert.
  2. That’s pretty irrelevant to this conversation. Payton’s a good coach. Bill Walsh was great. So what? All that really does it take credit away from Young’s greatness. I’m not saying that Hill becomes Steve Young, but it’s not impossible that he becomes a QB1 given the supporting cast and coach. Before this injury, most people assumed Brees would be behind a microphone next year. This injury potentially makes that even more likely. As a dynasty owner, I liked what I saw from the guy. If I only get a few starts out of him this year, it’s gravy. He has a chance to really help teams who lost Dax or Burrows.
  3. Also, for the Michael Thomas owners out there, I bet there are few complaints about his resurrection last week.
  4. For all those people throwing out Hill’s age at 30...Anyone want to venture a guess as to how old Steve Young was when He became the full time starter after Montana?
  5. If a RB or WR or TE scores points for throwing TD passes in a particular league, then yes. They’re not “QB” points, they’re “passing” points. So when a QB rushes for points, they’re not “RB” points, they’re “rushing” points. Do QB’s in your league get points for rushing or receiving yards or TD’s? What happens when Josh Allen splits out wide and scores a TD? Does that not count because he’s not a WR? People need to let it go. If the league allows you to start a guy at any particular position it should be allowed. Unless your constitution strictly forbids it. If not, you have to let it go.