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  1. Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that MLB owners have approved to a proposal to give to players which includes a "sliding scale of compensation." What won't be included is the 50-50 revenue split which was agreed to by owners two weeks ago but never formally introduced to the union. Under this new proposal, the players making the most money will take the biggest paycuts while those earning the least will receive most of their guaranteed salaries. The specifics involved aren't yet clear, but players already agreed in March to be paid on a pro-rated basis, essentially forgoing half of their salaries. This new plan was supposed to be sent to the MLBPA in the afternoon as the two sides try to come to an agreement on a possible start date for the season following the coronavirus shutdown. The goal has been a mid-June spring training 2.0 and an early-July Opening Day. SOURCE: USA Today May 26, 2020, 11:14 AM ET
  2. Exactly. Pearson is an example of a guy who needs to build up innings not the opposite. He’s going to need to get them somewhere or his progress goes backwards. The same can be said for the development of top young hitters who can’t afford to pause their career progression for a year.
  3. Could be a combination of what was said about distance to testing along with distance to other people in general. This virus is not airborne, so it might just not be reaching areas that are not densely populated. I don’t think it’s so surprising that podunk counties in the middle of nowhere are minimally affected. And if they are getting tested, the results are probably being listed in the more densely populated counties that are testing.
  4. I foresee deep MLB rosters of 30-35 players plus a 20-man taxi squad. They probably won’t have a minor league season but there’s talk of running a minor league complex to get them working and playing regularly like extended spring training at Arizona and/or Florida playing on the ST fields and back fields. I’ve heard something on the ITL podcast that teams would start the service time clock on the first game played giving a year of service time to any prospects who play at all. That hasn’t been negotiated but I could see it being a chip the players can bargain with as they currently are in the position to come back to the league and ask for the moon based on what the owners are asking. As a dynasty owner, I’m rooting for something aggressive that gets top prospects a chance to shine and win MLB jobs sooner. If that happens, it would make sense for mlb-ready and near-ready top prospects to be on the MLB rosters from day one if (1) teams planned on bringing them up at any point in the season anyway or (2) teams would rather their not quite ready guys to face real competition versus a bunch of practice games. That would give guys like Wander a shot to at least get some MLB at bats now. You have to wonder if teams will try to lock guys up like Luis Robert now to mitigate service time issues. Plus some teams realize service time may mean less in the next collective bargaining agreement anyway as it’s rumored that players will get a better deal and eliminate Super Two. And (3), you’d have to think top pitching prospects that need closer monitoring and have to get their innings built up, could be up immediately to try and push for ~100IP. I can see more teams employing 6 man rotations and openers to combat the tight schedule and doubleheaders. That said, if they go with all or nothing service time, who benefits? Wander could get the call but you never know with the Rays. Pearson, Gore and May were all getting called this year, so why not unleash them right away? The Tigers could get Manning and Mize up and maybe have Skubal up or on the taxi squad or as a long man. Dylan Carlson should be up on Opening Day. Luzardo and Puk should be up on OD. Kieboom? Kopech and Spencer Howard were both set to debut this year regardless. Someone else brought up, why not Adley Rutschman playing some DH and catching some games?
  5. Spring ramped up many SP’s to 3-5 innings already and I believe many have been staying on their own throwing programs at least throwing into a net to keep regular activity going. They’ll have a couple of weeks of ST to at least get back to the 3-5 innings before the season starts. I’d think most will be near normal innings by opening day and ramping up beyond 5 innings as they progress.
  6. I’m thinking the MLBPA works something in advantageous for the players like zero service time accrued or some modification that requires a ton of starts to accrue the year of service.
  7. It should be pointed out that the current agreement revised in March was that a prorated service time clock would be used. At that juncture, MLB for 2020 was willing to grant a full year of service time at 130 days rather than the usual 172. If the season doesn't last long, then MLB would prorate downward.
  8. It should be pointed out that the current agreement revised in March was that a prorated service time clock would be used. At that juncture, MLB for 2020 was willing to grant a full year of service time at 130 days rather than the usual 172. If the season doesn't last long, then MLB would prorate downward.
  9. I heard on the In This League podcast that teams would have to give a year of service time after the first game played. I just commented in the short season strategy Thread about this. Basically, if this is the case, any players who teams want up later, might as well be up now. Especially with no real minor league solution, players need to get development somewhere. Especially pitchers who need to keep building up innings. With a tight schedule, doubleheaders and expanded rosters, I could see many of the top near-ready and ready prospects added to opening day rosters and some SP’s playing 6th men in rotations.
  10. I recall seeing that one game will automatically lock in a year of service time. So in that scenario, there’s really no reason to wait at all if your intention is to bring up that player at any point in the 80 games. It’s pretty much all or nothing. And, if a team believes the best place for their player to continue to develop is the MLB versus some ragtag minor league complex, they’ll want to put them on the expanded MLB roster. With so much MILB uncertainty, I could see many top pitching prospects making the big club from day one and more teams using 6-man rotations to deal with a tight schedule that could have a bunch of doubleheaders. Pitchers need to continue to build up their innings in as part of their development and have already begun to lose precious time with so much of this season lost. That said, I see guys like Pearson and Gore as very possibly making the big league rosters from day 1.
  11. Every major negotiation of this magnitude requires heavy posturing. Get ready for the owners to put out the proposal. It gets rejected. The second proposal is presented that still leaves out something the players want. It gets rejected. MLBPA makes announcement that they are prepared to sit out the season until 2021. MOre negotiations ensue...players ultimately accept less than they originally asked for, but since they started high and expected to lose on something here or there, they vote to go forward for the love of the fans and the, put a nice face on it so every can feel good about how everyone looked petty in the negotiations and move forward to play ball. I see this coming around 5/22. Like you said, there will be swings back and forth and people in here will have plenty of “see I told ya so!” moments based on articles leaked by each side in a see-Saw till they come to an agreement.
  12. I couldn’t believe that when this thing started we were being explicitly told to not wear masks. Idiocy.
  13. How is it that the US is so much worse than everywhere else on Earth? How is it that New York City has 183,000 cases on the other side of the planet and Hong Kong had only 1,000 cases and 4 deaths in a similar sized city with a dense population only 700 miles away in China? Even if the Hong Kong numbers were under-recorded, wtf? We are so exponentially worse than any place on Earth, seemingly by every metric???