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  1. This. This is what is stopping me from trading him for whatever the hell I can get for him before our deadline on Wednesday.
  2. In many leagues he’s going to need 5 games at a position to gain eligibility. In my dynasty he only had 10 games of OF eligibility in half a season so he didn’t have the 20 games needed to qualify for OF in 2020. Isn’t there a pretty good chance he gets 5 games of OF eligibility somewhat early on in the season?
  3. Here is the response I received regarding Dominguez potential availability and their criteria. Does anyone think he will qualify for becoming available this offseason? **************************************** Thank you for contacting the Support Team. Listed below are the scenarios in which players will be eligible for the player pool on the Fantasy Baseball games. A player will qualify if he is: • On the 40-man roster from the previous season • On the 25-man roster during the current season • A Spring Training invitee for this season • A first-round draft pick signed to a professional contract A player will generally not be available if he is: • A foreign-born player who has not yet obtained the proper documentation • Drafted amateur player (unsigned by pro teams) There will be exceptions to high round draft picks, but typically, these profiles are created and added after their respective contract signings are officially recognized by the MLB Front Office. International Players will need to be cleared based on work visas, passing a physical, and signing contracts that are officially recognized by the MLB Front Office. Please note that CBS Sports will also add prospects to the player pool who may not meet the above requirements based on the recommendations of our team of baseball experts. We appreciate your continued support in making your number one choice for Fantasy Sports.
  4. Just read the new blurb that Denver plans on giving Lindsay most of the carries and will be riding him today. Sounds like Royce is being phased out and relegated to full out backup status. Might as well throw a hail mary with Guice.
  5. Non-PPR - but 5pt bonus for 100 combined Rushing/Receiving yards. WHIR
  6. Jeez. Got the #2 pick on my dynasty league’s first year player draft and would love to take him after Vaughn goes off the board. CBS still doesn’t have him available but it’s early and the FYDP’s aren’t usually until late February / early March. Do people expect the platforms to have him available this year?
  7. There are a lot of changing factors at play for Garver moving into 2020. So far I’ve seen that Jason Castro could leave for FA which would be huge for his AB’s. Garver could be moved to 1B which would be great for next year as he’d retain catcher eligibility in 2020. But not as great for dynasty owners who would value him more as their catcher, like me. The last factor at play is the unjuicing of the baseball. If they go back to the normal ball which they’re rumored to have already done for the mlb playoffs, is Garver a massive regression candidate? He, himself called out MLB for changing the ball in the playoffs.
  8. Will he be someone to target high in first year player drafts for dynasty this spring? I’m not seeing him on CBS yet. So I’m wondering if he’s even going to be an option.
  9. The question I’m not seeing asked is: Why would the Cardinals come out of the gates using their “emergency RB” on the first two plays of the game? Do most teams start their emergency quarterbacks? Do you break glass in case of emergency in proactive anticipation of a fire? Something doesn’t add up.
  10. Might his declining usage have something to do with him being a dwarf and his offensive line allowing pressure to their statuesque QB like a set of well-oiled turnstiles?
  11. There are a lot of Twitter rumors/speculation about AJ Green getting traded. I’m seeing speculation about the Bills and others are joking about how of course the Patriots will trade for him. I’m surprised no mention of it here. Is there any chance he gets dealt?
  12. Out: Gurley, Montgomery & TY In: Saquon, Waller
  13. Why have they not resigned CJ Anderson after how well he performed last year? Wouldn’t be a no brained now that he’s on the market for pennies?