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  1. Yeah I wasn't sure of losing either of those 2, if for some reason the Thielen injury would been a little lengthy then maybe, but I think I'm good
  2. Thanks for mine! Obviously Zeke is Zeke and you do have CMC so Chase & Carson could be good long term as you'll have CMC and Zeke locked in each week after this week. It's just you depth after that would be rough with Singeltary and M.Brown and not that it would help your depth but maybe see if he'd throw in the Zeke handcuff as well. Realistically though you mentioned he'd be interested in moving MT in a Chase plus deal. If he would do that I would do Chase and any of your WR's for that one otherwise try Chase and Cooks for Kupp. So basically if your comfortable with your depth, get Zeke other wise I'd prefer an MT possibility if he'd budge.
  3. Trade 1 - A.Thielen for New England Def and A.Tate Trade 2 - D.Hopkins for New England Def and P.Dorsett Ok so I don't feel like I can afford to lose Hopkins or Thielen, but want to get some opinions. I am currently 3-4 with the most total points (85 points ahead of the next closest) just bad weeks, be top 3 but play the top scorer that week. Usually I wouldn't think of a trade for a defense but this is the top unit and could be a difference maker to have in the defense spot. Only concern with Dorsett and Tate are well one I have to drop someone to make this trade, who would I drop? Then with Dorsett, he's been consistent but Gordon is coming back soon and they just traded for Sanu. A.Tate has been decent but what about when Green returns? 10 Team Standard (start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, & 2FLEX (W/R/T)) My Team QB- D.Watson RB- D.Cook, D.Williams, C.Carson, A.Ekeler, L.McCoy & L.Murray WR- D.Hopkins, A.Thielen, C.Samuel, E.Sanders, M.Valdes-Scantling, T.Williams & G.Tate TE- M.Andrews K- H.Butker TDSP- (had to move someone off IR, plan on picking up the Jets) His Team QB- J.Allen RB- E.Elliott, N.Chubb, T.Coleman, R.Jone & R.Burkhead WR- B.Cooks, C.Godwin, DJ.Moore, C.Kirk, P.Dorsett, J.Brown (SEA), D.Parker & A.Tate TE- H.Henry K- Z.Gonzalez TDSP- New England
  4. Ok so in my 3 leagues need a little advice, I'm 4-1, 3-3 and 2-4, Starters are in Bold and Underlined 12 Team Half Point PPR (start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE & 1FLEX (W/R/T)) QB- A.Rodgers RB- A.Jones, S.Michel, A.Ekeler, D.Singletary & C.Hyde WR- D.Hopkins, O.Beckham, C.Godwin, C.Samuel, T.Williams & M.Hardman (Thurs.) TE- A.Hooper 10 Team Half Point PPR (start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE & 2FLEX (W/R/T)) QB- M.Ryan RB- D.Freeman, A.Jones, D.Henry, T.Coleman, D.Singletary & A.Peterson WR- D.Adams, M.Thomas, T.Lockett, C.Kupp, C.Samuel & M.Valdes-Scantling TE- E.Engram 10 Team Standard (start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, & 2FLEX (W/R/T)) QB- D.Watson RB- D.Cook, D.Williams (Thurs.), C.Carson, A.Ekeler, L.McCoy (Thurs.) & T.Pollard WR- D.Hopkins, A.Thielen, C.Samuel, E.Sanders (Thurs.), M.Valdes-Scantling, T.Williams & G.Tate TE- M.Andrews
  5. Thanks for mine! I too would go Gordon and Ross here
  6. I'd agree drop a defense, but if I had to chose from one of your options listed, I'd say D.Thompson, he may have some value this week and maybe next if Williams and/or McCoy misses time, but Freeman is in a 50-50 split at worst and even looking like he could emerge as the number 1. Williams is the number 1 in Oakland and see's enough targets I'd keep him.
  7. So C.Godwin has been pretty olid and Michel had a rough week 1 and a TD saving week 2 day, granted he did get more run he was still outscored by Godwin. So my question is which one do I start at Flex? S.Michel - Goes against the Jets and should be positive game script in his favor, J.White is also inactive which should boost his value (Burkhead is still around though) C.Godwin - Has been consistent and a favorite of Winston's and is going against the Giants, so one 30, 40+ catch and TD (which is a good bet) and he earned his value. Current Lineup QB- A.Rodgers RB- A.Jones & A.Ekeler WR- D.Hopkins & O.Beckham TE-A.Hooper FLX- S.Michel D/ST- New England K- J.Elliott Bench WR-C.Godwin, C.Samuel, T.William & M.Hardman RB- C.Hyde & D.Thopmson
  8. Thanks for mine! I'm not 100% sure really, at least imo. Barkley would be a solid piece to add but losing Mahomes and having to settle for the waiver wire podder is a tough call in itself. Not to mention I believe Ekeler will continue to produce to at least week 8 and Michel will bounce back and Brieda has at least a 4 week window to get you through. With the 6 pt TD for a QB I believe Mahomes gives you a decent advantage over the impact Barkley will give you. I think I stay put unless you feel comfortable streaming a QB or like Cam or Carr enough to tell them add this guy and we have a deal. Personally give Ekeler another week or 2 and if he keeps producing maybe put him on the block straight up.
  9. So in my 10 Team PPR league (w/deep bench) I was just offered A.Brown and P.Lindsey for R.Woods. It seems like a no brainer right? I mean what do I got to lose it's AB. If he ends up not getting put on the list I got a potential stud. My starting WR's right now are D.Adams and M.Thomas so I'm good, my current depth behind him is a little iffy after R.Woods I have C.Kirk, E.Sanders and G.Allison. My RB's are deep and do I really need Lidnsey? Does he have last year potential? My RB's N.Chubb, L.Fournette, C.Carson, T.Cohen, M.Brown, J.Jackson, J.Hill and T.Pollard
  10. I know this may sound stupid, drafting Rodgers and then benching him for Prescott. But it is the Bears Defense and both times last year they gave him fits, at least I believe they did right? Lol. Well should I bench him for Prescott against the Giants? Or pickup one of the below FA's? Then who would I drop? Thanks in advance! FA QB's D.Prescott M.Trubisky J.Allen N.Foles Droppable Players F.Gore T.Williams (may be the #1 depending on A.B) C.Hyde
  11. When I click the link it keeps taking me to Create a New Thread
  12. Okay so this may be a dumb question. But as a D.Freeman owner should I try to trade for his backup Ito Smith? I know Freeman has injury history which is why I asked, and the Aaron Rodgers owner already said he would take M.Valdes-Scantling for Ito. While he's not my top player I was thinking of my WR depth, I would still 5 WR's which is fine but then 7 RB's. Sorry for the over thinking this early in the season but I do feel MVS could have a good season but would I ever start him Adams at the same time. So keep Adams backup or get Freemans backup is the question I guess. Thanks in advance! 10 Team Half Point PPR (start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE & 2FLEX (W/R/T)) QB- J.Winston RB- D.Freeman, A.Jones, D.Henry, T.Coleman, D.Singletary & J.Jackson WR- D.Adams, M.Thomas, T.Lockett, C.Kupp, C.Samuel & M.Valdes-Scantling TE- E.Engram K- M.Badgley TDSP- Chargers
  13. So I am trying to come up with a team name for one of my team's, I used "Hot Chubb Time Machine" for one. In one of my others my first 2 picks were Hopkins and D.Cook and since Hopkins nickname is Nuk I thought of "Deez Nuuuks!" my wife said how many people would get that? Lol, I said everyone knows his nickname is Nuk. What's your thoughts on that one? The other team I'm struggling with is the roster I'm posting below. Thanks for any suggestions, opinions or ideas. Roster QB- J.Winston WR- D.Adams WR- M.Thomas RB- D.Freeman RB- A.Jones TE- E.Engram W/R/T- D.Henry W/R/T- T.Lockett Bench RB- T.Coleman, D.Singletary & J.Jackson WR- C.Kupp, C.Samuel & M.Valdes-Scantling
  14. Without seeing the RB's in FA I would say the trade works out for you. Out of curiosity does he have a second TE or could you throw Rudolph in for a RB on his bench that you feel may have more upside than a FA pickup?