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  1. Winston looks really good today outside of the INT. Really smooth on this throws and putting them on the money.
  2. Y’all remember when this whole forum used to dog Henry and his Cleats? 😂
  3. Apparently he left the locker room in a boot and on a scooter. Not looking good for us boys. https://twitter.com/ESPNdirocco/status/1203849462734565379?s=20
  4. I read some Tweet a long time ago about how Fitzmagic will ruin your tank, because he's a good leader and gets the players to play hard and rally behind him. It's happening again in Miami.
  5. McD has shown that he hasn't done great things for big physical WRs, but I'd argue that Evans is a better than every WR Pats have had since Randy Moss. He may disappoint in fantasy sometimes but he is much more than just a big body receiver. He runs good routes, can play in the slot, deep threat, jump balls, he can do it all.
  6. Seriously, is RoJo dinged up or something? This is strange even for Arians
  7. Need a lot of garbage time RoJo and Chark lol. Game script is calling for it, but who knows at this point with this game
  8. Just give Fitz a talented WR and he will chuck it to them until they're fantasy relevant. Simply amazing.
  9. Im thinking of sitting him next week too tbh. Blough had a surprisingly decent game but the Vikings are a good and well coached team and they’re going cause a lot of issues for him next week.
  10. Historically, draft position says 5th WR > 5th TE. I’d say around 1/2 TE = 5th WR. Like most things, it’s all situational though.
  11. I'm going to really regret sitting Kenny yeah? My opponent has MJJ too, thought I was being slick thinking the whole offense would be in the gutter lol