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  1. Why is he not throwing his slider this year? Looks like he's just throwing his 4 seam and split finger almost exclusively. Don't love a 2 pitch Starter without a breaking ball.
  2. If it's OBP then it's Harper and it's not close.
  3. Getting his 5th start at 2B today. Will gain eligibility in Yahoo! at 2B starting tomorrow.
  4. Rockies offense isn’t that scary and it’s not in Coors.
  5. Franmil is a beast, he and Franchy should be a blast. Of course Yahoo doesn't have him in their player pool.
  6. He'll get hot again. Hits it hard and clear plate discipline improvements in second season.
  7. Its not even close for me. I would hold Sanchez and I also like Nola a lot.
  8. The curve fastball combo doing stupid stuff today.
  9. He pointed it out becuase literally the sentence prior says he faces a lefty in his next matchup.