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  1. Judging by the font, you seem quite confident in your assessment! I like it! Unleash Payton.
  2. Who is this guy? Went 5/6 for 17 yards and a touchdown last week. Ellison and Engram both out. Tate out as well. What's the scoop on him before we scoop him up?
  3. Is the weather worse in Philly or New England? I want to stick with Nick Folk but May pick up Jake Elliot.
  4. I thought I read somewhere that Dickson is a good blocker and they are looking at him to help with blocking.
  5. What puzzled me was that why was this play not rerun? It looked liked the play clock expired a good amount of time before the snap. Also he had an easy touchdown in the first half had Allen not thrown such a horrible pass. I probably am not going to start him (going with Hollister) but I do not think the matchup is that horrible. I would not be upset if I had to start him. He should get a good amount of looks.
  6. Hmm. Juju and Brown? How is that working out? I think if you listed Baker sucking , Kitchens sucking, and the scheme sucking, being the reasons, I would give you credit.
  7. Come on RW why you hating on our guy? WR3/4? If he puts up 4 for 39 with Haskins, two straight games, against 2 great corners. I would think he is good for at least 5 for 60 as a floor against the Jets.
  8. Like in what sense? I mean they are alike that they both play in the NFL and are in the NFC.
  9. Leonard Fournette and OBJ combine for 4 TDs week 11.
  10. I think he goes 6 for 83 and a td this week. Next week he will have 2 tds.
  11. Alright guys with Brissett probably back this weekend, this game has the makings of a slugfest!! Fire him up!!!
  12. It just reminds me of Jeff Fisher version of Gurley from 2016. It just looks like a lost season.
  13. Why so quiet in here? RW hating on him. I think Sanders misses some time. Great game tonight.
  14. Hoyer won the battle. Let's hope that Brissett comes back and Hilton is out for next game.