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  1. Where you seeing that? I see no chance of rain this week. Is that for week 14?
  2. Good matchup this week. Lions secondary banged up.
  3. Why does BSPN have him projected at 0.2 points this week?
  4. Well he healed quickly when Carson and Mixon struggled...
  5. Anyone feeling a bad Mooney rising like the Big Valbowski?
  6. I am looking forward to Tuesday and hearing that Pederson has been fired.
  7. Well some of us are in super flex leagues where almost all teams have 3 QBs rostered. And when you lose a QB like Dak, playing Mitch becomes appealing. I may have to start him next week if Fitzmagic does not start. This is a good matchup fantasy wise so I am hoping Mitch starts.
  8. I hope his hip injury is behind him, but I think he can be top 15 wr ros. If he was able to put up wr22 for ppg last year, with OBJ and playing injured, I see no reason why he can not be a playoff hero for us as long as weather is not a factor.
  9. Has a solid schedule ros where Cleveland will be throwing a good amount. It is nice to see what he can do without OBJ, with good weather, and Cleveland throwing it.
  10. Might get the start this week. Tua looking super iffy. Huge play for superflex leagues if Fitz starts.
  11. Jacksonville has been solid against the run. I think they allow top 5 or so, least amount of rushing yards per game. The weather looks to be ok. My main concern is Jacksonville not being able to move the ball. But given these factors, I have a good feeling Jarvis scores his first td this week.
  12. Today, Pederson was super awkward when pressed about this. I think there's a good chance Hurts starts this week.
  13. Pederson is looking more and more like Gase and Nagy to me.
  14. This was odd. Teddy in, then Teddy out. I hope PJ Walker can be more like Justin Credible and not PJ Walker today (for those wrestling fans out there). I hope PJ can put up 20 points for us starting him!!!