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  1. 9 hours ago, kmoore1521 said:


    Image result for this guy.gif

    I don't think that is that ridiculous. He will not be better than Engram or Kelce but the third best is up for grabs. Ertz is taking a hit with more options on the team. Kittle did not play much with Jimmy G last year. I doubt Dissly finishes as the third best but I will not be shocked. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Zekepeak86 said:

    Only reason Dissly is on my roster is because of Kittles bye week. Once that comes and goes, Dissly will either be put back on ww to make room for a better play, or ill try and find some value to him and make a trade. If nothing on ww is better, i may just hold but there is no chance i start him when kittle is an option.

    If you want him off your team, trade him in a package or sell high on Kittle and roll with Big Willy Style. 

  3. 21 minutes ago, vercrazy said:


    I'll admit that I'm biased and want McCoy to succeed, but there are some examples of 30+ RB's having successful seasons: 


    Curtis Martin (30) - 1,308 yards rushing

    Curtis Martin (31) - 1,697 yards rushing

    Tiki Barber (30) - 1,860 yards rushing

    Tiki Barber (31) - 1,662 yards rushing

    Walter Payton (30) - 1,684 yards rushing

    Walter Payton (31) - 1,551 yards rushing

    Walter Payton (32) - 1,333 yards rushing

    Barry Sanders (30) - 1,491 yards rushing

    Warrick Dunn (30) - 1,416 yards rushing

    Warrick Dunn (31) - 1,140 yards rushing

    Thomas Jones (30) - 1,312 yards rushing

    Thomas Jones (31) - 1,402 yards rushing

    Emmitt Smith (30) - 1,397 yards rushing

    Emmitt Smith (31) - 1,203 yards rushing

    Emmitt Smith (32) - 1,021 yards rushing

    John Riggins (30) - 1,153 yards rushing

    John Riggins (30) - 1,347 yards rushing

    John Riggins (30) - 1,239 yards rushing

    Adrian Peterson (30) - 1,485 yards rushing

    Adrian Peterson (33) - 1,042 yards rushing

    Frank Gore (30) - 1,128 yards rushing

    Frank Gore (31) - 1,106 yards rushing

    Frank Gore (32) - 1,025 yards rushing

    Priest Holmes (30) - 1,420 yards rushing

    Corey Dillion (30) - 1,635 yards rushing

    Ricky Williams (31) - 1,121 yards rushing

    Ricky Watters (30) - 1,210 yards rushing

    Ricky Watters (31) - 1,242 yards rushing

    Eddie George (30) - 1,031 yards rushing

    Fred Taylor (30) - 1,146 yards rushing

    Fred Taylor (31) - 1,202 yards rushing


    There's obviously the argument that most of those guys are HOF'ers, but as a counter LeSean is either ahead of, or within <700 career rushing yards of 9/16 of these guys.

    To be fair and give a point to #TeamDamien, while the above shows that it's not impossible to have a 1,000+ yard year over 30, there's an order of magnitude more examples of 30+ seasons that were <1,000 yards, so I'd still view Williams as a definite hold right now.

    The most impressive stat here is how John Riggins did not chronologically age. I would like to know how he did it. 

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  4. Supposedly he was like the number 1 qb recruit the year he graduated high school. I am forced to start him this Sunday (2 qb league). He has history with Kyler Murray and also grew up in Arizona. Hopefully all this extra motivation will help me get over 20 points from my QB spot for the first time this season! 

  5. 36 minutes ago, fruitjacket said:

    So go have it. 4net is going to infuriate you all season long.

    Yes he gets all the carries.

    Yes he's the best player on offense.

    If he hadn't had that run last night he was negative yardage. He's not Adrian Peterson.

    He can't break 8 man boxes. Which is all he'll ever see playing for the jags.

    Are you saying he puts the JAG in Jags? 

  6. 7 minutes ago, Blazer said:

    But, this is how it started last year. He got dinged, missed a practice, then got in a limited practice or two and was active only to do nothing. I think people can dismiss a player's age and running style (30+ and shake and bake, which puts max stress on all the leg's connective tissues) and can miss the player's down curve. This is way too reminiscent of last year. My fear for Shady owners is that he gets in a few limited practices and is active for game day. Then you start him and he does nothing, just like last year.

    Latest update on DW (8mins ago does not look good for him. Get him out of your line ups unless something changes dramatically Friday. Good luck to all!

    It's been the story of my life for having McCoy as a ball and chain on my team. He just can't reach for the sky like Damien Williams can. 

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  7. 16 minutes ago, dudewithabadcat said:


    I would say he hits his floor more often than not.  As I mentioned, I am super high on this guy.  I could see him crack the Top 5 ROS. 

    Just curious, what are the reasons for him being that high on your board? He is coming off of a major injury. Do you think his snap percentage will increase next week? TE is super thin right now so I am hoping I struck gold with him. I am not expecting 2 tds again in one game, but hoping he can give a consistent 10 points. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Dreams And Dwightmares said:


    Do these strategies work for you? 


    I feel these dated strategies are for free online leagues. 


    I see the message boards always talking about selling high and buying low and giving extremely unrealistic plans of how to execute and it just makes me believe most play in leagues with 9 year Olds who don't know better. 


    What are you really gonna sell high on Hyde for? 

    Well who knows. Running backs drop like flies so if he stays up you could always trade him somewhere. It could be a package deal, who knows. If hes performing well and getting 20 carries you could definitely get something for him. You probably can't get much now because people probably think hes garbage, but if he strings together 2-3 more great games in a row, and with running backs dropping, you can make a deal I bet. 

    And I dont know about everyone's leagues but I play in a deep league so a healthy and producing running back carries even more value.  

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  9. 14 minutes ago, kraftwrk_5 said:


    Funny that somebody laughed at this, but so far I’m being proven right. This is how you win your league, by getting a guy like this essentially for free.

    Yeah and he has looked the part too. I am curious if he will get more third down opportunities as the year goes on. I ended up drafting him in auction without even looking into him. So far he has been a good pickup and I am hoping the best is yet to come. 

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