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  1. Ugh I was in between him and Cobb for today. It sucks because he just shut down the Dodgers. I thought the Dodgers struggled against lefties? Or maybe they struggle against lefties that aren't has beens?
  2. I don't have the numbers but he is laying off more bad pitches than in the past. His walk to strikeout ratio is almost 1-1. I think now is a good time to buy before he goes on a hot streak.
  3. Wow that was an easy swing on that slam. I'm surprised that it went over the fence. What an awesome first week of the season he has going.
  4. This guy looked solid in his debut. Former first round pick. Good movement on his pitches. Fastball mid 90s. Sucks he pitches in Colorado but I am intrigued...
  5. This guy was so fun to have on my team last year. I especially loved how RW hated on him all year. He goes 5 for 5 one game and RW be like, he's garbage and faced garbage pitchers blah blah blah. Think he can repeat last year's numbers and should be in line for more runs being in front of great players.
  6. I'm rolling with him today. Wish me luck! I do think he's a good play today.
  7. Well I must say that there are less hidden agendas in the baseball reports as opposed to football reports.
  8. Don't forget Fatt F'N Adams circa 2012.
  9. Jared Lorenzen as the inspirational figure. Oops wrong sport.