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  1. Whoever made the Josh Gordon/Vince McMahon gif should make an Antonio Gibson one, ending with the news of AP getting released.
  2. Kind of like that man Manny??? I can't believe that this is happening so soon. Wow.
  3. Any updates with progress at practice? I have not seen anything since a few days ago where he was doing walk throughs.
  4. I am glad he has turned it around and I will credit myself by providing the reverse jinx a few weeks ago. This is why I did not give up on him and I still think that one day we will see a no hitter from him. I just hope he can dominate rest of way so I can catch up in some cats! Thank you Tyler for turning it around!
  5. I remember last year there was buzz around him. Then he justified that with that godly week 1 performance. Then gets hurt and mostly everyone forgets about him. Fast forward to now and he is getting that same buzz as last year. Now there are injuries around him. To me this seems like a no brainer. Ultimate low risk high reward player. Yes he is injury prone, but at his price he is so worth it.
  6. I have to roll him out and praying he does well. I hope my reverse jinx tactics from last week will help him return to studliness. And I do agree he is a buy low. It sucks the season is short and he may end up reverting back to form by the time it is too late.
  7. It sounds like he is coming back soon as everyone on the Marlins do not have COVID. For those in 2 catcher leagues, let's hope he helps out.
  8. I was reading up on the offensive coordinator and he seems to be tight end friendly. I am definitely targeting this dude as a late round pick.
  9. I was high on this dude last year. Came out guns blazing. I thought he would throw a no hitter at some point and then season derailed by injury. Was super excited to get him back this year and now he is a lemon. Or maybe he is a lime, a worse version of a lemon.
  10. Did he run out of energy or did the manager baby him? I am tired of starters getting pulled after 5 with less than 80 pitches.
  11. Yeah and what makes it even more impressive was that A. 23 years ago, and B. He came back in the same season!
  12. His BSPN player page. Plus Benintendi bringing the suck.
  13. Pitchers starting to get excellently executed by the executioner!!! Talks about him leading off soon.
  14. There are a couple of days in a row coming up where there has not been a starter announced. Let's hope he gets the call!!
  15. Where is this guy? He has been shelved by the Invisible Enemy for over 10 days. Anyone see or hear anything about him coming back soon?
  16. Some cryptic quotes from the manager. I am hoping he gets the call:
  17. Detroit doesnt have a starter listed for Sunday. Anyone hearing anything about Mize getting the call?
  18. This Rock hard stud needs to be in the lineup everyday and batting higher.
  19. First I saw him pitch, now I'm a Bielieber!!! He was getting the calls but getting 14 strikeouts in 6 innings is pretty impressive. I'm looking forward to having him on my team!!
  20. Judging by the font, you seem quite confident in your assessment! I like it! Unleash Payton.
  21. Who is this guy? Went 5/6 for 17 yards and a touchdown last week. Ellison and Engram both out. Tate out as well. What's the scoop on him before we scoop him up?
  22. Is the weather worse in Philly or New England? I want to stick with Nick Folk but May pick up Jake Elliot.
  23. I thought I read somewhere that Dickson is a good blocker and they are looking at him to help with blocking.
  24. What puzzled me was that why was this play not rerun? It looked liked the play clock expired a good amount of time before the snap. Also he had an easy touchdown in the first half had Allen not thrown such a horrible pass. I probably am not going to start him (going with Hollister) but I do not think the matchup is that horrible. I would not be upset if I had to start him. He should get a good amount of looks.