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  1. I am not starting him, but you guys think there is a chance he gets more work than Jones tonight given Arians' hatred towards Jones? It looks like Brady like KV and the organization sees him as James White 2.0.
  2. Yeah like Adam Gase. How is Robbie Anderson doing this year?
  3. Have we found out about the reason why he was not in at the end?
  4. Dr. Morse thinks Ekeler out at least 4 weeks but he would not be surprised if Ekeler is out for the year. This is a golden opportunity for Kelley to be ready for the jelley!!!
  5. Remember guys he is in a contract year... I forgot if I saw it in here or somewhere else, but historically, when he gets something like 6-8 targets, he produces WR1 numbers. Let's not over think this. I said this before and I will say it again, but that "hamstring" injury was just a cramp. Keep firing up this gigantic upside play.
  6. Anyone think that these past 2 games have been a test run for him and that even when Mostert gets back, McKinnon will be more than just a 3rd down back?
  7. He looked crappy last year, but this year he is looking better. There was a lot of positive buzz from the staff and players during preseason for him. I think Hill is an excellent stash. If you have room pick him up and see how things shape out.
  8. I am not trying to instigate here but are basing this (assertion of not being impressed by Hill) off of how Hill has looked this year or last year? My eyes tell me Hill has looked good and he got rave reviews from teammates and coaches during the offseason. Gurley looks like a shell of his former self and is looking more like 52 than 25.
  9. Based off of Dr. Morse thinking that? His DNP yesterday does not bode well for his chances coming off an MCL injury. Did Shanahan mention anything about Mostert's chances of playing this week?
  10. I like how he calls him mo-stare-t. Let's keep up the good work this week Circle Jerk!
  11. Well so far they have not had any positive results for the Vikings. I think we should be good for this week. Let's dominate our opponents this week!
  12. I am rolling him out for sure rest of way. I still think that "injury" he had was a cramp. I did not play him this past Sunday because I had what I thought better options, but Will is locked and loaded in my lineup. I was super high on him this year and as Watson said, as long as he is healthy he will ball out. Ravens were a tough matchup and he was in and out the game that week. Let's not over think this. Contract year, awesome stats career wise when getting 6-8 targets in a game, best rapport with Watson, Houston defense sucks, and Watson is a great qb. Monster games are on the horizon with the schedule easing up.
  13. Well hopefully Gase has a Rager for Cager.
  14. Hopefully we Cee a TD from CeeDee this week.
  15. The more I think about this, the more I think he had a cramp in his hamstring. Can someone with an injury to his hamstring on Sunday all of the sudden log an entire week of full practices? I am no doctor but I imagine if he really did injure it, he would have been limited this week. I was super high on this guy and I hate that I just do not know what to do this week with him. Is this a bad matchup? I am not confident in Watson this week and the offensive line as opposed to not being confident with Fuller. But what if he is hobbled? This injury is not making sense.
  16. I picked up Perine yesterday. It seems like he has a good chance to have some opportunity sometime in the near future. 4th round pick, Gase hates Bell, ole man Gore in front of him, and Perine did ok with t he limited work he got last week. Let's hope Perine gets some more chances this Sunday!
  17. That article seems speculative. I get the rationale and all, but that contradicts what Shanahan has been insinuating. He may not get 20 carries but he should get at least 10 and 5 catches.
  18. Does anyone know if he was actually injured or cramping up?
  19. I can't believe I am starting Trubisky over Watson this week. The Steelers defense scares me and Texan's oline looking bad so far. I hope he can have a good game.
  20. I don't think it's too much of a Fantasy to say that Fant will be a top 5 tight end. He should continue to beast rest of the way.
  21. Trying to figure out whether to go with McKinnon or Kelley this week. I am to gun shy about McKinnon's lack of touches but there are too much no brainer factors to play him (Shanahan picking him, rbs depleted, good matchup, camp MVP to some).