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  1. Hmm. Juju and Brown? How is that working out? I think if you listed Baker sucking , Kitchens sucking, and the scheme sucking, being the reasons, I would give you credit.
  2. Come on RW why you hating on our guy? WR3/4? If he puts up 4 for 39 with Haskins, two straight games, against 2 great corners. I would think he is good for at least 5 for 60 as a floor against the Jets.
  3. Like in what sense? I mean they are alike that they both play in the NFL and are in the NFC.
  4. Leonard Fournette and OBJ combine for 4 TDs week 11.
  5. I think he goes 6 for 83 and a td this week. Next week he will have 2 tds.
  6. Alright guys with Brissett probably back this weekend, this game has the makings of a slugfest!! Fire him up!!!
  7. It just reminds me of Jeff Fisher version of Gurley from 2016. It just looks like a lost season.
  8. Why so quiet in here? RW hating on him. I think Sanders misses some time. Great game tonight.
  9. Hoyer won the battle. Let's hope that Brissett comes back and Hilton is out for next game.
  10. Well at least he did well the previous 2 games unlike whatever Tampa has put out. I would not bench Jonnu this week unless you have sure bets at tight end.
  11. I agree about Alex Erickson. Josh Oliver now that Foles is back. He is 100 percent healthy now (according to him) and him and BDN had a good rapport during training camp.
  12. Kittle may be out this week. Anyone firing up Samuel? *Raises hand* who is with me?
  13. Walker out for week 10 and Corey Davis doubtful ( Where is the excitement guys? One bad game against a tough matchup and we lost momentum? Mahomes is gonna play probably forcing Titans to throw it this week.
  14. Walker sat at Thursday practice as did Corey Davis. The matchup is better this week. I think Jonnu puts up a double digit game this week.
  15. He ran a 4.7 40 which seems to be pretty solid for a qb and a guy his size. Seems to be intelligent. Since he is not a risk taker, maybe he will scramble some when he does not see a good opportunity to throw it? I may be forced to start (I am in a 2 qb league as well) him so I am trying to read more on him. Has good weapons on his team. One article had him as the third best qb prospect in this draft after Murray and Will Grier.
  16. I think we might want to return to picking this dude up if we have some room. Foles probably gets job back.
  17. Looks like the poor man's Fitztragic lost his job.
  18. Looks like that hip injury from preseason is still bothering him. I wonder if that has played some role in suckiness this year.
  19. I don't know. It's gonna get hairy when harry comes back and the addition of Sanu. If Dorsett goes off this week, I would recommend packaging him in a trade.
  20. Any news on Walker being out this week?
  21. I wonder if there will be some extra motivation to perform given that Drake balled out...
  22. I will say it again. Stop over thinking this!!! He is going to help us out starting this week!!! Jets in shambles yo. The swiss cheese defense they now have just got even cheesier after their recent moves. We gonna waltz on to victories with this dude in our lineups!!
  23. I am in the exact same boat. I think Minshew most likely secures the spot. We just gotta hope Minshew falters these next few weeks and Foles may get the job back.
  24. Yeah I get it but the difference is he will be getting the ball for sure. We also have Leonard Williams not on the team as well.