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  1. The other thing going for him is the coaching staff loves him. I think we will definitely see some good games from him down the stretch. I think he is the perfect flex play. I definitely would take him over guys like Carlos Hyde or any Chiefs rb.
  2. Jets are in shambles after the trade deadline I bet. I'm sure there are disgruntled players in the locker room. Given the volume and those factors, I think Walton is a great play this week. Assuming no injury happening, he has a very good chance to score a td this week and put up over 10 points.
  3. At least after the fumble the staff did not bench him. He definitely is worth keeping and starting against the weaker defenses. The schedule looks a lot better.
  4. Trades going down today. Anybody seeing anything about our guy getting moved?
  5. Nobody has mentioned it surprisingly, but Drake the Fake not playing Monday. Would be awesome if Walton gets goalline carries too. I'm rolling with Walton over Preston Williams!!!
  6. Let's see what happens with weather not being a factor and when the Redskins are down big on Thursday.
  7. RW reporting he dropped a pass that seemed to be a big play. Anyone see it?
  8. If you mean burned as in feeling burned from laughing so hard that you swindled your league mates after Lazard drops a 20 spot, then yeah, you will get burned.
  9. Of course he has a bad matchup, I dont think any of us are starting. I'm just hoping he can do well to separate himself more from Drake.
  10. Let's hope for a good game so they ship out Drake the Fake quicker.
  11. I can see that point of view to some extent given the unknown. Rodgers seems to like him and Lazard looks as confident as Vince McMahon walking down the ramp! So many guys are out on that team that expecting a 16 point ppr game does not seem out of the ordinary. I see him as a good plug and play this week with upside that if he goes off, he can be Adams' sidekick rest of way.
  12. He is just a "low wattage fill in" according to RW. I guess the writer is pissed his rival was smart enough to grab Lazard.
  13. He kind of looks like someone up their alley. Although the Devin Booker comparison had me lol-ing.
  14. Shades of Miles Austin's breakout game? I am smelling it as I am cooking!
  15. I think he is a no brainer play if Adams and Allison is out and they say he is starting. That's also assuming you have limited options this week, like somebody posting this.
  16. Lol!!! Well hopefully he can put up 70+ points like Booker did.
  17. Who knows, but I can guarantee Slay will not shadow any Raiders this week.
  18. I think he had about the same amount of snaps as Beasley and Brown last game. He impressed last game. Let's hope he keeps it up.
  19. The coaching staff seems to really like Walton. He got the start today and produced. Hopefully next game he gets more touches and Drake gets less.