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  1. 8 minutes ago, paulwall29 said:


    Yea he's not going to play this week. Soft tissue injuries early in the season are no joke. They're going to play it safe with their franchise back.

    This is not good. I had Miles pegged as a top 5 back this year. Not sure this is going fo happen with these missed games. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, gbill2004 said:

    Gurley is terrible. Did you not watch him last year? 

    The line was terrible and the Rams kept messing around with Gurley (in addition to the team sucking). Additionally, I think Gurley has Randy Moss syndrome and loses motivation quickly. Gurley last year looked like 2016 Gurley (Fisher's last year). Even if Gurley is as bad as last year, it is still better than what the Bucs offered last year.

    I still like Ridley this year and do think he will have a great season (I have him in both my leagues). I am just not as confident in him as I was with Godwin last year. But wherever we got Ridley, he will justify our pick, returning value. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, aapox said:

    Pat Daughtery has been kind of off Calvin Ridley this year and he's been hammering home how he's never been a YAC guy or an elite athleticism guy. I happen to agree with him, and think we keep our "Chris Godwin of this year" hopes in check. I do think he takes a step forward, I do think he has a good year, and I like him a lot, but if he makes it into the top 12 I expect it to be in the 10-11 range. I just don't see him topping 1150-1200 yards, but I do see the potential of 10 TDs, so that's awesome. PROVE ME WRONG CALVIN!

    I think the biggest concern about him not meeting the "Godwin of this year" is the Gurley factor. Tampa had no running game and were constantly down in games which increased Godwin's stock. Now I can see Atlanta in shoot outs but I think Gurley is going to be Ridley's biggest barrier to meeting our thoughts on his ceiling. I am still high on Ridley but do worry about the Gurley factor. 

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  4. I'm not sure if it has been mentioned here but a few players have said he was the most impressive player at camp. Given that, plus Shanahan wanting him on the team, plus Mostert showing up the franchise, and Coleman potentially missing, good things could be on the horizon.

  5. I am glad he has turned it around and I will credit myself by providing the reverse jinx a few weeks ago. This is why I did not give up on him and I still think that one day we will see a no hitter from him. I just hope he can dominate rest of way so I can catch up in some cats! Thank you Tyler for turning it around!

  6. I remember last year there was buzz around him. Then he justified that with that godly week 1 performance. Then gets hurt and mostly everyone forgets about him. Fast forward to now and he is getting that same buzz as last year. Now there are injuries around him. To me this seems like a no brainer. Ultimate low risk high reward player. Yes he is injury prone, but at his price he is so worth it. 

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  7. I have to roll him out and praying he does well. I hope my reverse jinx tactics from last week will help him return to studliness. 

    And I do agree he is a buy low. It sucks the season is short and he may end up reverting back to form by the time it is too late. 

  8. I was high on this dude last year. Came out guns blazing. I thought he would throw a no hitter at some point and then season derailed by injury. Was super excited to get him back this year and now he is a lemon. Or maybe he is a lime, a worse version of a lemon. 

  9. 1 hour ago, marble_donut said:

    Solid start today but ran out of energy pretty early considering the pitch count. What's the thoughts on next start at mets?

    Did he run out of energy or did the manager baby him? I am tired of starters getting pulled after 5 with less than 80 pitches.