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  1. How often does a coach say one thing and does another thing? I will believe it when I see it.
  2. I think we are all ok. AP probably gets 15 carries. Washington will be down and will need to throw.
  3. Hopefully Bill Callahan is questionable himself (mind issue) given him stating he wants to give AP the ball.
  4. He pretty much averages that per week. Are they gonna run the ball to drain the clock so they do not lose as much? I think Peterson gets at most 15 carries because Washington will be down and have to throw. Thus, Thompson will be fine.
  5. I kind of feel cool about making this claim back in mid August. I'm so glad I stuck by my guns and got him in both leagues.
  6. Maybe because he is getting pushed to the side for the other D. Williams? Not a good look though either way.
  7. Looks like the organization loves this guy. I wonder if they want to make sure he has a good year given Brissett is doing well.
  8. I get the sense that New England will be mean and run up the score to help expedite Gruden getting fired. Therefore I think it will be a "neutral" type matchup for Dorsett.
  9. Juju's toetoe is hurting. Could hobble him a little and help Diontae get more play?
  10. This is his coming out party this week!! Not out of the closet, but as a reliable RB2. I think he will put up 20 points this week.
  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's 3 more wins than Cam has had in like a year.
  12. I am not hating on him. Trust me, he was one of my must haves this year due to the discount and all the positivity surrounding him. I think he is a guarantee top 10 rb this year if he stays healthy. Volume, volume, volume plus being in shape plus having a competent qb is a recipe for success.
  13. As gawd as my witness he has broken our opponents in half!!!!
  14. He is on pace for 2000 total yards but on pace for 0 touchdowns!!!
  15. Monday night game next week. Squeaky wheel will get the oil.
  16. Ugly game for Kyke Allen but not so much for Joey Slye of No Use For A Lagwagon fame.
  17. He may be used appropriately this game, but he will probably have nowhere to run, which will get the genius Nagy to think Montgomery sucks, and thus will go back to under utilizing him next week.
  18. Nagy looking like a homeless man's version of Bill Goldberg in this shot.
  19. How is the Chargers secondary? Are they still solid? I remember Hayward was pretty good in the past. Is he still good and would he cover Williams?
  20. My theory on the lack of big games is: 1.I think Minshew has tipped his hand. 2. First game Chiefs probably stacked the box. The other 2 defenses they played have been solid. Trade for him and get him cheap if you can. He's gonna have over 100 yards and a td this week. Volume, volume, volume. I think he is one of the biggest buy lows out there.
  21. Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Wilson the volleyball, it don't matter!!! Big Willy Style gonna light up our opponents week in week out!!!