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  1. On 8/7/2020 at 9:27 AM, The G Man said:


    I was thinking the exact same thing. Kinda an outlier because he was suck a workout warrior.

    But, the Kupp comp is a good one I think. 

    Yeah and what makes it even more impressive was that A. 23 years ago, and B. He came back in the same season! 

  2. 3 hours ago, kilslo said:

    Elf is hands down best PG on the team that much is clear, so them running the 3 PG rotation these last 3 games has to be more about weighing the options of giving all of the minutes to a guy with 1 year left on his contract or seeing what you have in other young PGs who u have under control longer like Frank and DSJ

    That’s the only reasonable explanation why they keep running the 3 PG rotation in favor of running Elf out there for 30+ minutes 

    But it’s becoming apparent that the offense has become more fluid since Payton came back. So it can't just be about making sure Frank develops to the detriment of RJ, Mitch, Knox

    I guess we’ll see

    Judging by the font, you seem quite confident in your assessment! I like it!

    Unleash Payton. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Olliemets said:

    With 2 seconds left and the game on the line, they went to Fant on a fade route to win the game. The foolishness of running a fade at all, let alone to win the game, is another story, but this does show the amount of trust they have in him. He catches that ball and he's the no brainer add everywhere.. may be a blessing that he didn't.

    What puzzled me was that why was this play not rerun? It looked liked the play clock expired a good amount of time before the snap. 

    Also he had an easy touchdown in the first half had Allen not thrown such a horrible pass. 

    I probably am not going to start him (going with Hollister) but I do not think the matchup is that horrible. I would not be upset if I had to start him. He should get a good amount of looks. 

  4. 1 hour ago, PlayTheWaivers said:


    Because it's the Titans at KC and that losing Corey Davis is a bad thing for this offense? Titans wouldn't play with a sense of urgency and go bonkers in the pass game if it hit them in the head. At KC is one of the toughest places to play with mahomes...3-18 was pathetic last week- just as pathetic as the bucs tight end defense

    Well at least he did well the previous 2 games unlike whatever Tampa has put out. I would not bench Jonnu this week unless you have sure bets at tight end.