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  1. He ran a 4.7 40 which seems to be pretty solid for a qb and a guy his size. Seems to be intelligent. Since he is not a risk taker, maybe he will scramble some when he does not see a good opportunity to throw it? I may be forced to start (I am in a 2 qb league as well) him so I am trying to read more on him. Has good weapons on his team. One article had him as the third best qb prospect in this draft after Murray and Will Grier. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, jagsfan05 said:

    Thoughts on him going forward now with Gordon gone? He's on my league's waivers so just was curious.

    I don't know. It's gonna get hairy when harry comes back and the addition of Sanu. If Dorsett goes off this week, I would recommend packaging him in a trade.  

  3. I will say it again. Stop over thinking this!!! He is going to help us out starting this week!!! Jets in shambles yo. The swiss cheese defense they now have just got even cheesier after their recent moves. We gonna waltz on to victories with this dude in our lineups!!

  4. 1 hour ago, kraftwrk_5 said:

    How are we feeling about Foles when he comes back? Will he still be the starter, or has Uncle Rico shown enough to steal the job? Schedule looks nice from Week 13 onward, and I’ve been stashing him in my IR spot in my 2-QB league. Anyone else in a similar boat?

    I am in the exact same boat. I think Minshew most likely secures the spot. We just gotta hope Minshew falters these next few weeks and Foles may get the job back. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, TommyKramer said:

    This is lining up to be Walton's best game of the year.  Of course the last time I said that was Evan Engram vs AZ and that didn't turn out well.

    Yeah I get it but the difference is he will be getting the ball for sure. We also have Leonard Williams not on the team as well. 

  6. Jets are in shambles after the trade deadline I bet. I'm sure there are disgruntled players in the locker room. Given the volume and those factors, I think Walton is a great play this week. Assuming no injury happening, he has a very good chance to score a td this week and put up over 10 points. 

  7. 26 minutes ago, StevieStats said:

    Against this defense? With 2 weeks to prepare for Miami? In Buffalo?

    I got Walton last week, happy to see what he can do, but firmly on my bench this week.

    Of course he has a bad matchup, I dont think any of us are starting. I'm just hoping he can do well to separate himself more from Drake. 

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