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  1. 26 minutes ago, StevieStats said:

    Against this defense? With 2 weeks to prepare for Miami? In Buffalo?

    I got Walton last week, happy to see what he can do, but firmly on my bench this week.

    Of course he has a bad matchup, I dont think any of us are starting. I'm just hoping he can do well to separate himself more from Drake. 

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  2. 4 minutes ago, mulhollandvelvet said:

    I mean I know we are excited but isn’t that what he is? 

    I can see that point of view to some extent given the unknown. Rodgers seems to like him and Lazard looks as confident as Vince McMahon walking down the ramp! So many guys are out on that team that expecting a 16 point ppr game does not seem out of the ordinary. I see him as a good plug and play this week with upside that if he goes off, he can be Adams' sidekick rest of way. 

  3. 1 minute ago, CooL said:

    How we feeling about him this week?  Callahan says they want to run, and obviously and unfortunately that means a heavy dose of the annoying Adrian Peterson.  But even if they give that relic 20 carries, he's averaging 2.7 ypc, and I don't think 54 yards is going to give them a chance to win.  Isn't there a path for him to have his third down role and maybe at least 5-6 catches?

    He pretty much averages that per week. Are they gonna run the ball to drain the clock so they do not lose as much? I think Peterson gets at most 15 carries because Washington will be down and have to throw. Thus, Thompson will be fine.