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  1. Oh this is rough. Is he worth benching in a weekly league?
  2. Yep. I can see that but if he keeps up his percentages and gives me at least 20 PPG with some boards and assists, I'll be happy. If he develops some defensive stats, that will be good too. I wonder if Philly will experiment with having Harris run with the second unit sometimes. He can help Philly preserve Embidd and Simmons during games where Harris can run the offense. It isn't all doom and gloom but his value will take a hit. But he has potential in some games to go off if they are resting any of their players.
  3. I like this theory. KP was good to play but the knicks rather hold him out because of his value as a trade chip. Why risk injury since Knicks were playing for nothing except draft position and him getting re-injured only hurts them. KP told Knicks he was ready to play but they told him no. He didn't like it so that is why he was traded. You hate to think the Knicks would do that to their top guy but the franchise is being handled poorly at the moment and I wouldn't be surprised if no FA sees NY as a place to play. In the end, it is just speculation on our end. Maybe KP is done and Knicks knew it. Instead of playing him and we finally see he has lost the step and can't regain his former status. He then becomes an asset worth nothing. It isn't like players of KP's height who had good careers derailed by injuries.
  4. I don't see anything happening. It is just a notice for the Pelicans you have one more year of service and we are out. There is no way Pelicans will get any type of good return for AD especially as a rental. They will just keep him and do trade talks through out the off season. See if next year there are any more good offers. Unless the pelicans go nuts and decide to sell AD off for scraps to the Lakers. Personally, I wouldn't go after AD. Just wait for him to hit FA next season. His price tag would be astronomical and unless you are guaranteed he will resign with that team, it isn't worth stripping your team for him. You will just end up like the Pelicans where you have AD and a bunch of random players because you sold your good assets to get him.
  5. Does he warrant a benching until he corrects himself or do we have to ride with him?