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  1. It's the coaching and offensive scheme. What we're seeing right now is a sort of divide between old school coaches who believe in doing things a certain way, vs next gen guys who get a little more creative in thinking about how to get their best players in space instead of running into a pile. DJ will be a RB2 even with bad coaching. But he's not likely to hit 2000 yards unless the coaches have a religious-type awakening.
  2. Don't trust scouts. I mean, c'mon, look how often they've been wrong about so many players. Go back and read the scouting report on Tom Brady, Arian Foster, Aaron Rodgers (look how far he dropped). Fantasy is only fun if you trust your own eyes. Kinda boring to just rely on folks who are paid well for doing what you could do better with your own eyes. (That also means trust your own eyes over anything you read from a random post on an internet forum. Just trust yourself. You.)
  3. New generation coaches like Nagy don't like to pound the rock. They'd rather confuse you with complex schemes and formations and a slick playbook that makes fans say, "wow!" Worked pretty well last week. Jordan Howard will still have a role, but I think he's better regarded as a committee guy vs a workhorse. I suspect Cohen and he will trade big games, which is tough from a fantasy standpoint because you don't know which week will be which guy's day to shine.
  4. I buy the reports that he'll report during the bye week. It'll take him a few weeks to get in game shape, so I don't think he'll return to elite production until week 11 or 12. That's plenty of time for anyone who's in playoff contention. If you're on the playoff bubble and are counting on him before week 11, might be better to make a deal.
  5. Biggest issue is fixing the drops. QBs don't like it when they put it where you can catch it and you don't. Landry has also had some notable drops. Seems on at least a couple of instances like they're still getting used to his throwing motion and how quickly the ball gets to them.
  6. Bold prediction: Yeldon will succumb to injury before Fournette's back. Mark this post.
  7. I love the positive thinking, but I think Devonta is done. The leg injuries are catching up to him. It's not like he was awesome even when theoretically healthy in the first game. The hard part is that he was drafted so high that no one will drop him, so most likely he sticks on the bench with hopes that he has one big game that can be leveraged into a trade. Of course, the coaches and he will continue to say it's no big deal. Because, what do you expect them to say? Be honest like Baldwin and say that the injury will probably affect him all season long?
  8. Do fantasy managers really trust what coaches say anymore? It's not exactly in their interest for game planning purposes to be accurate in letting the opposition know what they're gonna do week to week. Hoodie figured this out long ago. The rest of the league is just starting to catch up. Not fun for fantasy folks, but they're more concerned about winning their games than ours.
  9. Indeed. He's a really smart guy. I happen to think he's already mastered the playbook from a memorization perspective, so we'll have to see how it translates on the field. My hunch is he'll have a pretty eye-opening game this Sunday. He's already done a lot better with limited snaps than quite a number of top picks this fantasy season.
  10. Seriously? Steve Harvey gif? Lol. Is it me, or are gifs being used as a way to avoid actually expressing an opinion with ... "words"?
  11. I think WR2 or RB2/3 is about right. He has tantalizing upside, but the injury history makes him a big risk. Most people were worried about his ankle coming into this year, and his reduced weight and workout regimen gave fantasy folks a lot of hope that he was past all that. But, going down so quickly and staying down is a concern.
  12. He does have a very good upcoming schedule. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I bet he'll have a huge game coming out of the bye. Nagy is a smart coach who will understand that he needs to make sure that his best players are happy. Howard is one of his best players.
  13. C'mon, man, use your words. What're you trying to say? Use your words!
  14. Depends on your league. 10-team league, he's startable. 12-team league, he's been a huge disappointment considering he actually delivered FEWER points without Devonta than with. Meanwhile, guys like Mike Davis blew him away. That's the rub in fantasy -- the big names get kept for potential, while smaller names outproduce if you follow matchups and injury reports.