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  1. And then he goes out and goes 2-3 with 2 steals. 🤷‍♂️
  2. No, I think we should exit this post until the seasons over! When the thread is dead... Means the player's doing great... So let's just enjoy his first healthy and productive year! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Yep, I guess Jose read this thread where people were calling him a bum! Well I guess he showed them! LMAO
  4. It's 5 starts... It's 25 innings... No spring training... Please... CALM THE HELL down. Geez it's like did some of y'all just start playing FBB yesterday? Pitchers have bad games... It happens... It's unpredictable...yeesh
  5. ^^^ That is seriously true! I mean the luxury of knowing start after start no matter if it's a healthy Yankees at Yankee stadium, he's gonna get it done.Always good for the QS even if he has to bulldog his way through it. He's one player I will hate to see leave the game, whenever that is.
  6. That's why he's a high SP3 not a #2. He's a flyball pitcher so yes he has that flaw. But we've seen him go into Yankee stadium & pitch well, &'s only his 2nd start of the year...let's just enjoy the ratios shall we? lol
  7. Funny that description sounds like Gallo also. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Wow a closer who k'd 13.8 per 9, blew 5, saved 42 with 2.74 era is DONE at 30! Wow I heard that. Lmao Wow
  9. Traded Sal Perez for Zunino and draft picks! Rolled with Cervelli and got beat round one, lost by 2 RBI. ???
  10. Bumgarner looked to have gotten hurt during his last at bat, so that's why they took him out. Heaney... No reason I could tell, which sucks cause I need the QS. ???
  11. You kinda did when you compared him to Ian Kennedy dude. Like, let's not act like that didn't happen. LMAO
  12. Told you... some organizations just know how to fix things. True it's still early, but it's a great first step. ?
  13. Yeah... It's called a slump! EVERYONE has one. ?? Glad he's performing to your liking. ?
  14. I really despise everyone's handling of him. I get he's not Freddie Freeman, but damn he is performing pretty well for what they paid to get him. It's like he can't catch a break.
  15. Well the one thing about him going to the Braves organization... They have a solid reputation of fixing pitchers. They always have, so on that alone my optimism is high. I mean... Anibal Sanchez. Lol