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  2. Looks like he's getting close to signing with the Broncos to ruin Lindsay's career arc.
  3. Somehow that fumble is Mike McCarthy's fault.
  4. To be fair to Gettleman, I really thought Daniel Jones was going to fall flat on his face. He actually churned out a 24/12 season while really only playing in 12 games. That's pretty impressive. He also managed to pick Darius Slayton who turned out to be a gem in the 5th. A couple more contributors from the rookie class as well. I know the year didn't turn out how the Giants wanted, but I'd put that more on Shurmur.
  5. I never thought I'd see the day where Devante Parker was a top 5 WR in standard. Even more amazing considering how this team started out the year.
  6. You're spending entirely too much time on fake football if you're dropping your other hobbies.
  7. Set to retire after the year. Hats off to this dude as he defied all logic. Congratulations Darren! Source
  8. McVay era is over. It's gone just as quickly as it's arrived.
  9. The hero we all needed, but not the one that we deserved.