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  1. I just checked the Yahoo matchup notes:

    Matchup Rating 5* (9/29 @Ind)

    Darren Waller has 33 receptions over his past eight games (Rank: tied for 7th most in NFL among TEs). The Colts have allowed 44 receptions to TEs over the same timeframe (Rank: 2nd most).



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  2. One final post on this topic.  He generally seems like a good dude who is dedicated to getting better.  Check these quotes out:


    Asked if he thought he should have made the catch [his one drop in the game], Waller said, “Absolutely. There’s no question. My trainer from back home texted me. I need to do pushups. Pushups for all drops. It absolutely should have been caught.”

    Derek Carr - “I want to praise this guy as much as I can because the guy literally blocks Everson Griffen, he blocks (Danielle) Hunter, he’s in there blocking these guys, and then he’s out there running routes on Trae Waynes, (Eric) Kendricks and (Harrison) Smith. You’re like, `Bro, what can’t you do?’ I don’t think enough kids are wearing his jersey, that’s for sure.



    I'm really rooting for this guy and this hype train.

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  3. It's been relatively quiet here so I thought I'd mention how proud I am of this community.  I feel like we all collectively willed Darren Waller into existence, and now everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  It's like, if we said he ran a 4.46 40 over and over again, eventually it would became a reality on the field.  If we said he'd be a top two target on the Raiders enough, that it would be so.



    Thank you to all of us.  Thanks to Darren Waller I guess, but mostly, thanks to all of us.  Let's continue to do our part in getting this hype train up to Flash Gordon standards.  Even if the rest of my team is a flaming pile of garbage, I know that at the very least, we are all the Wallerus.


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