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  1. So those of you who survived Brees last week, how did you do it?
  2. It's not like anyone here has the balls to bench him so might as well just hold your nose and hope for the best.
  3. Interesting tidbit from reddit for those concerned about his production last week...
  4. This dude has been a PPR beast for 6 straight weeks now. Is he a must start going forward? GB, PHI, MIA, WAS.
  5. Just when I thought I was free of Shady's wild ride now with Rojo fumbling I'm right back where I started and will probably have to pick up Barber or look to the wire for someone or start next week. Smh
  6. He's a TE2 ROS. He won't crack 15 points again this season but if you want to buy into sunk cost by all means continue to start him over streamers which have an actual chance at finishing the week as a TE1
  7. You're deluding yourself. This is almost exactly the Bell situation to a T except AJG has hanger-ons like you fooled into believing this injury setback cover story nonsense.
  8. Picked him up last week before the rush because of this video. Thanks!
  9. Stills is who we thought he was and you're risking getting 2 points every time you plug him in your lineup regardless of injuries, what team he plays for, the match-up or any other extenuating factors you want to attempt to reason.
  10. If he's not back this week, don't expect him back til after the bye.
  11. At least Dalton was racking up yards. This is definitely hurts AJs value as now in the addition to not getting points the receivers might not even get any volume.
  12. Don't be surprised if Damien Williams starts next game and gets the first few series to himself. Have a feeling we're back to week 1 with Shady having to win the job all over again.
  13. I don't have any choice but to start him so hopefully Reid doesn't banish him to the shadows realm.