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  1. Or do I let Mack or possibly OBJ walk and keep both Bell & Henry?
  2. These comeback rumors are not making me very happy. Why can't the Patriots just dissolve already? That said, I can think of a ton of guys that would be a worse late pick than Gronk.
  3. I was ALL IN on Clement last year as well, haha.
  4. I call out players I do not want and the ones that will cost other owners the most money. I save the players I want until the end, always. People occasionally throw out a random player, like a H. Henry early on to test the waters. If the price is right I have no problem taking Henry early and immediately "transferring" the money I saved on the TE position to maybe my WR2 position. I wish people nominated middle-of-the pack guys earlier, as it's these players that one can only guess what they'll go for. Knowing early on what the secondary players will cost you can put you in a better position to spend big money on the studs. But as we all know, most of the time studs come off the board first. I'll be starting the draft with $69 out of $200 spent on my keepers ($30 L. Bell, $12 M. Mack & $27 OBJ). The idea is to snag a $50 +/- RB/Utility spot (DJ, if people stay afraid), spend another $40+/- on a 2nd WR (Mike Evans would be nice), which will leave me with about $8 for a QB, $7 for a TE and about five $1 players (including Defense & Kicker). Rest of my $$$ will be spent on the three to fours players I really want on the cheap ($12 - $15 to get as many of my sleepers as I can). I will wait on them until the end of the draft and hope that others have finished drafting or have less money than me that I can win any bidding war. I also like to fill one spot with a very droppable guy that I absolutely don't want. He's always the obvious drop when a hot FA comes along.
  5. Ha, just looked my team over again and remembered that I added C. Kupp. J. McKinnon & H. Henry last week of playoffs all for $6 each. Hmmmm.....
  6. I wouldn't feel terrible dangling A. Jones and Henry out there for Woods and Ertz. Personally, it would be a relief to get out of the Packers RB situation. And who knows, he might be a Jones believer. I would not even consider letting Kerryon and/or Guice enter the discussion, since I'm super high on both players. So if the other owner does not view Jones as a worthy trade offer, I'd walk away.
  7. We declare keepers 2-3 weeks before week1. So I get 1 or 2 pre-season games to see how they look. I've held on to Guice all year and I'm way too high on him especially at that price tag. That dude is special. I just hope he comes back at 100%. I don't really understand my infatuation with Penny, it must be his price as well. The talent's there, but Carson's not going anywhere. So a few votes for Bell, Guice and either Henry or Beckham. If Bell lands in the right place he's a given. Guice (unless not at 100% when football starts) is pretty much guaranteed a spot. I'll let Mack and Penny walk. And now I need to decide between Henry and OBJ. This actually helped a ton guys, many thanks.
  8. Hey. 12-team league, $200 to draft 16 players. I get to keep up to 3 players, but can keep none, one or two if I want. My choices: L. Bell $30 (I'll be saving around $20-$25) D. Henry $19 (saving ???) M. Mack $12 (saving ???) R. Penny $6 (saving $6-$10) D. Guice $6 (saving $6-$10) O. Beckham $27 (even without Eli, a new QB and injury history scare me) I am leaning L. Bell, Guice & Penny, but I am far from convinced they are the 3 to keep. I have no idea what Henry will do next year, or if Mack proved enough this year to have him remain no1 in Indy. Trade offers usually go unanswered in this league, so trading my unwanted will most likely get zero bites.
  9. Down by 65 pts in PPR. I have Odell, Julio & Matt Ryan. He still has Coleman.
  10. I'm dropping R. Jones or D. Henry to make room for a fill-in TE this week. Cook has been a pleasant surprise. He's too valuable to drop IMO, especially w/ Lynch banged up.
  11. Starting Clement as my RB2. Not feeling overly confident, but I feel less confident in my other choices. I'm hoping Clement establishes himself tonight and puts any trade rumors about Shady to Philly to rest.
  12. David's Johnson, Odell Beckham Jr., Derrick Henry......enough said
  13. I need T. Hill to get less than a point. PPR, so no receptions and no yardage, maybe a couple of fumbles to make it his worst game ever.
  14. I'm really glad that I didn't protect Goff when keepers were due in my auction league. Pumped that I passed on his $6 salary for D. Henry at $14. So Much Winning! And totally awesome how my opponent used Goff against me this week to crush me.