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  1. Smith wasn't even listed on the injury report. It could be that with the matchup he wasn't a focus in the gameplan. That should change this week.
  2. The Steelers are a tough matchup for TEs. It happens.
  3. Watched most of this game. Would eye Evans where ever he lined up and then would watch Brady once the ball was snapped to see if Evans was even a first or second read. Zippo. Unstartable right now. I'm actually excited to start AJ Green over him this week.
  4. Don't love the matchup @DEN. Sure he's on fire, but I could see some regression soon.
  5. I want him to get his feet wet (literally in the snow) this week so he can be fully unleashed next week when I need him vs NYJ. Revenge game as well. I'm sure he'll want to give it hard to Mr. Gase with a TD or two. Gotta think Reid will oblige.
  6. Mostert owner here eying him for sure, but if he's not even a lock to be active next week I'm not going to bother right now. Waivers next week will have his projection at 0 for the better part of the week I bet. This plus a three headed underperformance by McKinnon/Hasty/Wilson against NE this week I bet will have all the so called "experts" screaming avoid the entire situation next week. Bet Coleman stays off the radar. Waiting until at least Wednesday after waivers clear and the first SF practice report.
  7. Potential lottery ticket and you don't have some bum to drop? I find that curious.
  8. Unless the fantasy gods decide to punish me and decimate my RB corp (D. Henry, J. Conner, L. Bell, D. Freeman, Gio) with either injury or Covid, I'm holding. This guy is just too talented, plays in an offense that wants to run and play D, has a great offensive mind in Shanahan, and it's clear to me that he's top dog when healthy. That said, this is assuming he's back at worst after the bye. If we get concrete info saying this is a six to eight week recovery I may have to reconsider.
  9. Curious how folks feel about owning both Evans and AB now. [...] I didn't draft Evans to be my #1 WR so I don't think the sky is going to fall on my WR corp. I just love the TB playoff matchups: MN, @ATL, @DET. Honestly, that's such a juicy lineup I may start both of these guys during that stretch.
  10. Z. Taylor seemed to make a point that he was ruling Mixon out for ONLY this week. Almost purposely doing so to leave the door open for next week. Not sure why. Maybe keep next week's opponent (and us) in the dark.
  11. Brown will eat into both, but Evans is pure perimeter. If somebody takes a bigger hit it is Godwin. That said, I think people are missing the potential for the target pie to get bigger because this offense is going to get better/more efficient. Lot of negativity here but it could be that everyone wins.
  12. As an M. Evans owner who grabbed AB I'm not sure what I think of this. Lot of mouths to feed now in TB. What I do know is that I now own two talented WRs with Tom Brady throwing to them who will face the following teams in the fantasy playoffs: * MN * @ATL * @DET Maybe I think I like it.
  13. I'd gladly take that from Gio...and everyone else in my lineup.
  14. Yup. Don't think he'll have much luck running into the CLE defensive front, but CLE is weak against RBs out of the backfield. Could see a handful of receptions. Cheap PPR points.
  15. This Ben Baby guy is a moron. Him and his "dancing" comments the other day. Great insight.