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  1. Cameron Wolfe @CameronWolfe Tua Tagovailoa practiced today wearing black tape around his left wrist & lower part of his left thumb. DeAndre Washington wasn’t spotted at practice. Salvon Ahmed (shoulder), Solomon Kindley (foot) returned to practice. Myles Gaskin practiced w/ compression sleeve on left leg. 12:45 PM · Dec 2, 2020 from Miami, FL·Twitter for iPhone
  2. Practice updates for Gaskin and Ahmed critical this week. Who is the go to team reporter for twitter updates?
  3. Dropped in one of my leagues. I assume he would arguably the #1 RB waiver pickup over all the usual suspect scrubs mentioned this week. Not that high on him, but having him as a handy flex option down the stretch can't hurt.
  4. This SHOULD be a game where PIT just leans on the run. But we've seen this before. BALT is decimated on the D line due to Covid. Meanwhile, their secondary is mostly intact. Path of least resistance is to just pound this team into submission with the run and let the D take care of RG3, Dez Bryant, and Gus. That said, if recent history is any guide they'll probably just pass all afternoon. But, since I'm a J. Conner owner (not starting Snell) I'd say the odds are better than a flip of the coin that I'm fuming because Snell got 20+ touches in a run oriented game plan.
  5. I don't know. The QB I watched last night looked like he didn't know how to play the position and looked like he couldn't make throws most professional QBs should make. I had Ertz earlier last week then dropped him. Not sure I'm bothering. If Ertz and that offense catch fire it would REALLY be the definition of catching lightning in a bottle.
  6. Dumb question, but somebody in my league asked...there's no way that due to the suspension, his week 12 turkey day stats are yanked right? Would think that's water under the bridge pre-suspension. That would surely swing many a games if yes.
  7. He was close this week. Think he's back, but the question is, does he regain the #1 job? Doesn't seem like Miami is at all interested in Breida being a big part of this rotation. It took a while to get D. Washington in the mix and who knows if Ahmed is healthy. FWIW, early week 13 expert rankings have Gaskin surprisingly high (although what do they know).
  8. David Johnson if he was dropped?? Looking like he's back. DAVID JOHNSONRB, HOUSTON TEXANS David Johnson (concussion, injured reserve) is eligible to return for Week 13 against the Colts. Interim coach Romeo Crennel is apparently "hopeful" it will happen. It is not a guarantee we will get an update Wednesday, as the Texans do not have to list the practice status for players who are on injured reserve. We should get word from the assembled media, however, on whether or not Johnson takes part. Duke Johnson has failed to run with starting duties during David's absence. David would be returning to low-end RB2 status. SOURCE: The Athletic Dec 1, 2020, 5:55 PM ET
  9. Ooooh GEORGE KITTLETE, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS George Kittle (broken foot) is "very optimistic" about returning this season. “They said eight weeks; I said six,” Kittle said Tuesday. He has been sidelined four weeks. “And I’m excited. These last couple days have definitely progressed forward and made me very optimistic about returning to the field of play." Kittle said he has made great progress in the past week. "If you’d ask me that six days ago, I would’ve been a little less optimistic. The last week has been really good for me.” It sounds like Week 15 against the Cowboys would be an absolute best-case scenario for the seam stretcher. Week 16 might be more likely. Kittle is slowly ramping up football activities. He has resumed working out on his own. SOURCE: NBC Sports Bay Area Dec 1, 2020, 5:48 PM ET
  10. Yes he did. And I started him. I suppose you're right. I'm sure he can't do worse than whoever else you roll out there. Hope I'm lucky enough to get there.
  11. Depends on your alternatives. I for one will not be dropping him and may have to start him. Don't love the matchup @MIA but if Tua is back then maybe the game script doesn't get too far out of whack.
  12. Not sure I'd feel comfortable if he comes in cold. Would like to see him eased in week 15 then full go week 16.
  13. As a Fuller owner, I'm picking up if possible and asking questions later. The matchups down the stretch aren't so good, but this is going to be a pass heavy offense. And the loss of their best defensive back to suspension (along with Fuller) on an already lousy D is going to make HOU games shootouts.
  14. Dropping him. And have no interest in Ito Smith with a tough NO matchup this coming week. Unless Gurley is out for the season I hope to not visit this thread again after starting Hill this past week.
  15. Maybe DET. That said, I have to think that TB wants to get its groove on prior to the playoff understanding Brady's recent performances against tougher Ds. Just running Jones and Fournette up the gut wont do them any good when they need it.
  16. Agree. Amazing the constant overreaction in all threads, not just this one. Previous two games AB was highly involved. Yesterday they ran into one of the better secondaries at defending the perimeter. It happens. And WR is a high variance position as it is. No middle ground on this guy. He's either a top 3 WR or he's a flop. I don't know. I picked him off the wire and he's my #4 WR (who I benched yesterday due to the matchup). My expectations were in check to begin with. Weeks 14-16 during the fantasy playoffs: MN, @ATL, @DET. Something tells me I will "profit" from AB on my team.
  17. Meanwhile, a whole lot of griping going on in the Kamara thread...
  18. They're not going to cancel. If there are enough healthy bodies to fill positions the game will take place.
  19. Ollison is inactive. This is good news. Means Hill is the only active RB above 195lbs. Should get goaline carries.
  20. Yeah, if I knew 100% he was actually playing I think Mostert would be the choice, but there's been no definitive word. Also, SF has basically been unable to practice all week so Mostert actually hasn't really practiced.
  21. Mostert plays at 4, Wilkins at 1. Don't think you'll hear anything on Mostert till 3. Which is kind of a problem (that I have as well).
  22. PPR League. Need one of these guys. * B. Hill vs LV -- Great matchup. LV gives it up on the ground. Julio is out as well so possibly more running. Ito Smith also in the mix. * R. Mostert @LAR -- No definitive word he's playing yet. Game is at 4 which causes issues. Not a good matchup, but if he plays Mostert's ceiling is high. * Gio vs NYG -- Expected to play and get through concussion protocol. Production has been heading the wrong way. QB change probably doesn't help much against the NYG D which is coming on. * B. Snell vs BALT -- Conner out. Matchup is good, but who knows if game is played? Risky. Also, McFarland probably in the mix and if the game is played PIT may stay pass happy. Note: I'm projected to win by 20 so looking for "floor" here. Which? Thanks
  23. Has there been anything definitive on Mostert? Haven't seen one of Scheffter's typical "expected to play" tweets this morning. Listed as questionable and saw something around Shanahan not being sure if he'll play. 4pm start makes this tricky too. Minus definitive news would have to sit.