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  1. Bro Elmhurst is a poop hole hospital where people die even with no virus. (Source: I was an EMT for 6 years in NYC so i know these things) Media hysteria at its finest.
  2. Ain't no off-season while pdog109 is still breathing.
  3. 9/11 united us. I remember. This has divided us even further.
  4. Maybe Lamar runs less? No idea, people talk about Gus and Hill but Lamar carried alot as well.
  5. Hard pass, noodle arm Brady won't chuck it up to Mike like old crab legs did.
  6. Agreed, giants defense needs a major overhaul. Dave Gettleman is solely responsible for dismantling the giants defense and making it be embarrassing and pathetic so much it makes me want to cry. Giants defense once proud has been reduced to such levels of ineptitude that calling them defense is an insult to actual swiss cheese. Giants defense can't stop rain with an umbrella. Giants defense can't tackle a snowman. Giants defense couldn't cover a wall with paint.
  7. here come all the Eli haters right on cue.
  8. Daniel Jones top 10 FF QB 2020, heard it here first. Gettleman has proved that he is clueless and the giants defense will not improve and will continue to be bottom barrel of the league.
  9. Can't wait for when giants go for it on 4th and 1 with a jet sweep to Sterling Shepard and he gets tackled for a 5 yard loss and the camera goes to Garrett clapping.
  10. Judgement day is coming. I'm excited for all the Judge memes.
  11. gg seahawks, you beat the eagles practice squad
  13. Suddenly find my self rooting for the Eagles because McCown holds a special place in my heart for helping me win my league in 2015.