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  1. Rondo's production is too good to ignore for an end of bench point guard. Lonzo will be threatening to take minutes all year long, but my guess is that the "win now" mentality that Lebron brings will guarantee about 25-28 min on average.
  2. Exactly, and with Westbrook back his FG% has been .500 or over in more games than not. The problem is when his shot is off, it's really off. He's basically doing everything we expected him to do for good (pts, reb, ast, 3pm, stl, blk) and bad (FG% is still and will always be volatile).
  3. Another nice line for Bjelica tonight. Any thoughts on whether he can coexist long-term with Bagley?
  4. Me too, hopefully he's shown enough scoring to carve out a role when OG and Kawhi are back. I figure Kawhi will miss enough games this season anyway to give Siakam some value.
  5. Hopefully he keeps it up. Apparently Ricky already thinks its February.
  6. Well maybe top-25 is exaggerating, but games where he gets 20+ points and 8 assists from the SF position are super valuable for my teams. My general strategy is to soft punt assists, but if I can get that production off the wire from someone who fills the stat sheet in other ways too, then my team is looking pretty good. But then obviously some inconsistency is expected with him, whether the Cavs are getting blown out, his shot isn't falling, or whatever else.
  7. The Nets were ahead 20 points most of the game so today was a bit of write off anyway. IMO, games like this are why Osman is top 80, not top 25.
  8. Danny Green is the type of top-75 player where some weeks he is ranked #20 and others #150ish, but it all averages out fine in the end. It's hard to see how you'd drop him in a 12-team league as long as the minutes are there.
  9. If you know you're on the wrong thread then why are you posting here? Please take this to the Assistant Coach forum. (I'm not a mod, just tired of seeing these types of questions)
  10. This link will help me more than you could ever know.
  11. I can't help but think that LeBron is going to be a sort of shadow coach on this team the way he was in Cleveland. And while I doubt he expects to win a championship this year, he would still want to be in the mix. LeBron and Rondo already seem like BFFs, and I can't think that LeBron would stay quiet if Ball pushed Rondo to the side at all when Rondo is still the better player.
  12. I love me some Danny Green. He seems super plugged into Toronto and I think a change of scenery has done him good. I wouldn't be surprised if he was top-50 ROS.
  13. I just traded Boban for Lurch from the Addams Family....mistake?
  14. Simmons is a great player in real life and fun to watch, but just has so many gaps for fantasy purposes. I don't think the Simmons team in any of my leagues this year is in danger of winning a championship.
  15. You could probably make 3's up elsewhere, but usually I'd want them from my PG unless I have someone like Ben Simmons. Right now Fox's actual impact on my team would be worse than someone like George Hill, esp. considering Fox's expected low percentages.