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  1. There it is 61 points 11 threes 16 for 16 ft
  2. Hes down whrithing in pain right now. Dont worry it looks like he took a shot in the dick.
  3. I love this man. Been following him since his college days. Definition of absolute clutch player who can take over games. This is what LeBron doesnt have or else he would be better than Jordan.
  4. We need a nickname for this dude. I suggest we call him Norman "The Corn Man" Powell. He has been putting up popCORN numbers the last 5 games.
  5. Hes not a ball hogger. Hes just hitting a lot of his shots. After that torrid run they stopped giving him the ball because its garbage time and they wanna pad their own stats.
  6. Not only on the time, but also most FGA on the team.
  7. Probably too late now. He only played 7 minutes the first half. What happened?
  8. currently ranked 14th in my league settings. whats the issue?
  9. why are people so high on MPJ? Hes playing no more than 20-25 mins. Covington is a good defender too.
  10. Pick 2 to start please Kendrick Nunn vs Sacramento Damion Lee vs Portland Michael Porter Jr. vs Minnesota
  11. Culver hes heating up with MPJ might only get 20-25 mins.
  12. Am i the only one seeing this game knowing thats it for LeBron? Hes been in the decline for years but masked it. Idk maybe cause of trying to be a pure PG now but when it seems like he decides to be his old self more times than not hes really not. Hes still great right now but damn father time.
  13. Smart or Curry? Whose man is this? Stop following him lol.