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  1. Hindsight is 20/20 but all of the signs were there glaring at all of us as proven in that clip. We were so blind to not see this coming and we must do better.
  2. He has been arrested because he committed armed robbery. How does this affect his draft position? Do you think he plays at all this season or is he a firm do not draft list or a steal in the lower rounds?
  3. Congratulations Kobe "Black Mamba" Bryant Kevin "Big Ticket" Garnett Tim "Glim" Duncan All 3 men are true hall of famers.
  4. Well you know i mean magic johnson larry bird charles barkley shaq lebron james, sports analyst who have covered the nba for decades, coaches gms etc. all have stated time and time again hes goat and theres numbers and video to prove it. Why mention kareem? He played 20 straight seasons and playing 1560 regular season games compared to michael jordan 15 seasons and playing 1072 games including 1 retirement in his prime where he lost 2 seasons of prime numbers and another retirement where he came back as a 38 year old who hadnt played in 3 years so of course had jordan played all seasons from 1984 until 2003 straight he would have had more regular season mvps than kareem along with being all time points leader. In fact if we just look at 10 prime seasons of kareem and compare it to 10 prime seasons of jordan, jordan smokes him in accomplishments and numbers. Only thing kareem would have over him is rebounds blocks and fg %. Also college is overrated and high school accolades? Really my guy? Really high school? Anyway the coach for north carolina didnt even believe in michael jordan and only gave him 7 shots per game during his college days being second fiddle to james worthy while kareem right out the gate was the go to number 1 option on a team system perfect for a big man like him.
  5. Lets just say he was 3rd best behind rodman and pippen. Um hes still a way better defender than lebron james so whats your point?
  6. This guy....same people say lebron james is the luckiest guy to get so much help via trades for key bench players or all stars and also extremely lucky to have such an easy path to the finals. Too bad hes 3-6.
  7. You are acting like ESPN experts and analysis did this voting. They did this voting bracket via twitter and instagram aka asking regular everyday people to vote so i dont understand why you would even take that seriously enough to mention it to discredit espn and call jordan overrated. Fans also voted magic johnson into the all star game in a season where he didnt even play a single game.
  8. You just cant deny its so damn easy to score and pile up stats in this era compared to the 80s and 90s. 3s explosion phantom foul calls no defense this nba era is soft.
  9. Obviously meant older than 30 but i cant edit it for some reason. Also jordan path to get to the finals was a whole lot harder than lebrons path.
  10. Jordan combined Finals average 33.6 PPG 6 RPG 6 APG 1.8 steals .66 blocks .481% FG .806% FT LeBron combined Finals average 28.2 PPG 10 RPG 7.7 APG 1.8 steals .9 blocks .472% FG .739% FT Jordan best finals 1993 41 PPG 8.5 RPG 6.3 APG 1.7 STL .67 BLOCKS Jordan worst finals 1996 27.3 PPG 5.3 RPG 4.2 APG 1.7 STL .17 BLOCKS LeBron best finals 2016 29.7PPG 11.3 RPG 8.9 RPG 2.6 STL 2.3 BLOCKS LeBron worst finals 2011 17.8 PPG 7.2 RPG 6.8 APG 1.7 STL .5 BLOCKS
  11. Thats your debunking? You are a fool to think those teams were not great. Your opinion on that which is shared by no one younger than 30 is asinine and just shows your biasness. This recent warriors had they played in the 90s would not be a dynasty because the players would bully them and physically harm them if they need to unlike this soft nba where phantom foul calls are rampant and barely anyone plays defense anymore.
  12. Ahh the 90s that intro was so fvckin cheesy lol but back then it was state of the art!
  13. would have been 9 times in 13 years playing time had he chosen not to come back at 38 years old playing for a trash wizards team.