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  1. someone will finish with a .400 avg this season.
  2. There have been too many people testing positive in all sports and experts are saying we are still in the first wave. Remember, they said earlier this year there will be two waves with the second one being worse so if we are still in the first....
  3. Maybe im bias but I grew up a Yankee fan and lord knows I went to a high school filled with Red Sox fans so it was a double wammy having Alex Rodriguez as my favorite player because I defended him like crazy and had to sit and agree when he did stupid stuff BUT I gotta say as a new yorker I do not hate the Mets. If the Yankees arent in it Mets all the way so ANYTHING other than Wilpon as owners is an improvement and we know arod as a baseball mind is amazing. And yes he wants to outdue jeter as well so he will actually be trying to make the mets a great team especially to beat a yankees team that paid him 2 full seasons at huge money just so he doesnt hit 700 homers and most likely pass babe ruth 714th number.
  4. Thia is ridiculous. Basketball and baseball are nothing alike. Playoff success is really nothing when on average the most you can do to affect a game is have at bats that highly depend on what your team has done before you even come up. Barry Bonds in 2002 world series was being walked left and right had like a .407 avg barely any rbi but we all know the deal. They were scared and in 30 plate appearances he walked 13 times. For his career in the NLCS he was barely above the Mendoza line batting .203 and largely because of 2002 his career playoff avg was a bad but not horrendous .245 which take away 2002 would have been pathetic career avg yet we all know even before steroids he was the most complete player in mlb history and with steroids he was our generation version on Babe Ruth. Mike Trout has had some horrendous teams. I think hes only made the playoffs 1 year yet every single season thus far has been a legit threat to win mvp. Baseball is the Ultimate definition of a complete team sport.
  5. There will be no baseball my fellow nimrods.
  6. These days kids are talking about fortnight or some kind of videogame while teenagers are talking about basketball or football. Young adults are infatuated with fantasy football and fantasy basketball. No one cares about baseball anymore.
  8. My league decided to just refund everyone even the eliminated teams. So trash. At least i finished 1st in standings so i got first place trophy on my profile. I am the new champion and there is no asterisk i will gloat about being a champion.
  9. I have a big time feeling there wont be a 2020 season.
  10. I am the new champion. I won it fair and square and there is no asterisk.
  11. I am the new champion. I won it fair and square.
  12. Also teams 8 through 10 were eliminated a month before the nba season got suspended. Team 5 through 7 were the only teams where this week was a do or die with team 5 needing to have to be extremely unlucky to not get in. Im cool with splitting between the 7 teams but 3 teams in my league have no business getting refunds.
  13. My league was in the last week of the regular season so 99% for me.
  14. The season was 99% complete no way they can justify refunding traah teams. Pay out equally from those not eliminated but dont reward the eliminated teams.
  15. What a load of sh!t. So trash teama with no shot at making playoffs get rewarded with a refund. Why not pay out playoff teams only?