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  1. I was thinking about that trade. You probably still won because I took Kevin white with that pick. Fitzpatrick is basically the only piece still relevant 😂
  2. The priority was updated. Pm if you see any specific mistakes though. Thanks.
  3. Lol I didn’t even notice. You can send as many claims as you want, just prioritize them. And prioritize your drops so for example if someone else snags your first claim, I’ll still use your first drop for your second claim.
  4. @erver5 needs one drop to add DaeSean Hamilton. Everybody else check your teams and make sure they are accurate. You can begin submitting any waiver claims to me now and first come fist serve free agency will begin at 7 pm eastern on Friday, August 23rd.
  5. I emailed him again we can move forward though. 4.01 This Team Is Blue - Hunter Renfrow WR OAK4.02 IronCocks - Jace Sternberger, TE - GB 4.03 Little Giants - Josh Reynolds, WR LAR4.04 Unemployed Sofa King - Justin Jackson RB LAC4.05 Pack Attack - Malcolm Brown RB LAR4.06 CreamySteelers - D.J. Chark Jr. Jax - WR4.07 El Iguanodon - Chris Conley WR - Jax4.08 Sexy Sacks Man - DaeSean Hamilton- WR- DEN4.09 SouthernSteeler- Darius slayton 4.10 Brady's Forte - otc 4.11 PackersFan - otc4.12 Grey Ghost of Gouda
  6. Can someone post this round’s results on yahoo? I’m not sure if he knows he’s Otc.
  7. Did you have to drop anyone that you want back?
  8. Probably just a mistake. I’m going out of town for the weekend but I’ll be making sure the draft picks are all correctly added and then announcing the waiver period and free agent plan next week.
  9. I’ll take Justin Jackson LAC RB @sportsguy21792 is OTC
  10. Nice pick. I definitely didn’t realize he was still available when I picked.
  11. I’ll take Preston Williams MIA WR. @Tyler Durden is otc. I’d keep the waiver process but I don’t mind if it’s free for all.
  12. I’ll take Miles Boykin. @sportsguy21792 Is otc