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  1. Waller has been a great revelation this year for those of us who went 0 TE. But to echo a similar sentiment as some of the other posters, this is a clear situation to avoid going into the 2020 FF season solely at the price he will be going. - Josh Jacobs will be the focal point of the offense and have a year more experience. - Oakland will likely address the WR position, and Renfrow will still be there to take up Waller's real estate - He will be overdrafted given the scarcity of his position and the hype around him being a "former basketball player", etc. (likely by people who didn't follow him as closely as many of his owners on this forum did this year to notice the red zone / game script issue), and even if he puts up the same numbers as this year, there will not be a good ROI. - Foster Moreau. There was a clear shift towards Moreau anytime the Raiders got to the redzone. He's a 4th round rookie who flashed this season (catching 21 out of 25 targets, with 5 TDs in the last 8 or 9 games before getting injured). - Highly unlikely and I know I will get roasted for this one, but a wildcard exists that maybe he relapses and gets suspended. I'd imagine this one is a tiny risk, but after guys like Josh Gordon and Martavis Bryant, you never know. His situation seemed to be even worse than theirs was. The one area for upside is maybe the Raiders don't overachieve the way they have this year and there are more positive game scripts for Waller and the receiving corps. They also paid the guy so they're invested in him doing well. For those still riding the Waller wave to the championship this year, good luck!
  2. Nick Foles was better for Fournette’s outlook. I’ve seen Minshew throw the ball on the goal line way too many times to want any piece of this backfield moving forward.
  3. Is he still playing? Don't have the game on.
  4. Curious to know how low on the consensus rankings list would it be acceptable to go to find a replacement for Cook (i.e. Scarborough, Snell, Penny types). I really feel like this a donut staring us straight it in the face, but so hard to pull the trigger given how far he’s gotten us. Is it not out of the realm of possibility that Cook is active as an emergency back in case Vikings need him? I’m really hoping for some more concrete news on his usage (good or bad) before the game.
  5. Burned his man and could have easily had a 3rd TD in third quarter, but Mitch overthrew/sailed it + ARob got held a bit (leading to a penalty).
  6. I hope Dalvin sits, and I don’t have Mattison. The guy was more or less crying in pain on Monday night. It’s just too risky (for fantasy owners) to play him. I was really hoping that if this were a real issue coming out of the bye that he would’ve sat in Week 13. But he went from limited on Wednesday (my dudes) to full on Thursday, so I assumed it was a non-issue. In retrospect, had he sat last week (and maybe even this upcoming week), I would feel much better for Week 15 and 16. At this point, anyone putting him in their lineups for rest of season is risking the same thing that happened this week, minus the TD. Question for anyone who knows - Do pain tolerance type injuries (meaning, injuries that can’t get worse, taking aside the act that this may be a bs claim with no scientific evidence) still heal even when pain is regularly being inflicted? e.g. Do we think Dalvin’s injury is better off today than it was a couple weeks ago when he initially injured it, despite him getting knocked out of Monday’s game?
  7. I hate that defenders will be swiping at his arm after he fumbled twice last week. Don’t they make shields or chest protectors? Is 2020 for Christ sakes!
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/Vikings/status/1202284209118707712 He looks very uncomfortable with the questions.
  9. Omg this is best case scenario. Really thought he was for certain gone for season! There’s hope we haven’t seen the last of him. Feels super risky though if he plays next week. Can go out of game with one hit. No bueno in the playoffs. Almost wouldn’t mind (I know, crazy) if he sat out to make this an easy decision. People will almost certainly be punching for that ball/and that spot moving forward. Viking are in Super Bowl contention and no way they put him out there if it’s a risk. I could see him sitting next week vs. Lions. Honestly, though, not sure what one week off will do for fantasy purposes, considering he was off last week and came back with same injury.
  10. This. His career won’t last long if he has to lay out for every single catch.
  11. I benched Parker last minute due to some comments I read about Eagles secondary being improved last couple weeks. That first TD was a thing of beauty. As a matter of fact, so was the second TD.
  12. Yikes. For those who survived, obviously he should never see your starting lineup for the playoffs. Simply cannot be trusted.
  13. Is this necessary in Vent & Rant thread?
  14. Benched Devante Parker for Ronald Jones at 12:58pm in a win or out matchup after reading about 1) how bad Jags run defense and 2) how the Eagles secondary is no longer bad.