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  1. Need 16 from GZ. Debated picking up Koo before the games but decided to stick with GZ b/c Dalton might stall in the Redzone.
  2. Posts like these are why I've been coming to this forum since 2010. It never ceases to amaze me the types of insights I'm able to gather from here. I don't know whether to laugh or cry though when seeing Raheem Mostert throw up gang signs while walking with no noticeable limp after I lost by less than 1 point because he left the game early. I'll laugh for now since the injury apparently doesn't seem serious.
  3. At this point, I'm starting to worry 49ers will go back to that timeshare mess once he's fully healthy. Lingering ankle issues are no bueno and he already has injury concerns dating back the past few season.
  4. Imagine unintentionally going zero RB and ending up with Mostert, Ingram, Akers, and Fournette as your zero RB core. Lulz.
  5. Look like he had his ankle rolled up at the end of the first half. Tried to give it a go at the start of the second half, fell down awkwardly after being tackled on his first carry, and was subbed out and ruled out shortly thereafter.
  6. Welp, pretty sure Mostert is done for the day. Great news when I need just a handful of points from him to get the W this week. Oh well. Good news is it doesn't seem too serious. Bad news is he's been out for two weeks and left game midgame twice already this season.
  7. Jennifer Lee Chan @jenniferleechan · 4m Good sign to see Mostert back on the sidelines with his helmet on.
  8. Let's hope so. Normally I would be relieved at that tweet. But I recall in Week 2 he was also walking off normal at the end of the half (per some of this forum), and he proceeded to miss the rest of that game and the next two weeks. Hope whatever it was had nothing to do with the MCL sprain from before.
  9. Jennifer Lee Chan @jenniferleechan · 2m Mostert is walking off the field without an apparent limp now. But we will see how he looks after the break.
  10. Nice to see im not the only one who made a horrible roster decision. Seemed like an absolute no brainer at the time, when you consider the difference in opponents and the fact that Fournette was expected to be playing.
  11. Damn. Gamescript really hurting those with Godwin and Evans shares
  12. Yikes. Thought the injury was at least a 3 week injury. Really hope there is no risk for re-aggravation! Season would be a wrap if he went down again.
  13. Least of my worries at this point, but I was shocked he was caught from behind by the lineman on his long run.