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  1. Could have a big game coming up, Ravens seem to give up a lot of points to slot WRs
  2. This guy is looking like an absolute stud, came out of nowhere He runs with fresh legs and I think he will take the job sooner rather then later - he’s the future
  3. Brad Evans kiss of death he will be on my bench this week now
  4. Plus his name is Deebo, that’s just a name you know is gonna ball hard
  5. Liked what I saw from him. Shanny loves him and was getting him involved in every way possible. He also looks quicker then I thought he was. Im in
  6. Are those that are holding him worried with Ekeler playing so well now that Melvin will be not as useful when he returns ?
  7. They’ve played jets and giants kinda hard to tell at this point lol
  8. 1 he was a rookie not named hockenson 2 he did not play much until week 6 so this is really in 10 games
  9. Hadn’t heard anything bout an injury is he gonna miss the week?
  10. He just passes the eye test, great hands, watch his highlights he really did not get significant playing time last year until week 6 where he scored a TD 3 weeks in a row darnold then was sidelined for week 9-14 where he went TDless he had a few decent games and his best game then after darnold returned He had a great year for a rookie I’m alil worried darnold won’t be 100% when he returns that’s my only concern but I feel Herndon can be a top 10 TE
  11. I hate rostering 2 redskins wr but picked up quinn in some leagues where I got him just in case he gets more targets next week