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  1. Jokic is a great choice, but point guards are going early this year. I'd take Lillard and enjoy the ride. He doesn't miss many games, won't get shut down, etc.
  2. I'd go with CJ and CP3. Paul is a gamble due to health, but he could have a big year on a team that sucks. That said - shut down candidate as well. If he scares you (don't blame you), I'd go with Middleton. But CP3 would also give you an elite PG, which seems like something your team could use.
  3. Thanks guys. We keep 3 in this league, and one of the three comes from last years 'late rounds' of the draft. Both of these guys are late round eligible. standard 9-cat roto league. I do like the idea of packaging them to someone who has crappy keepers, though I'd have to give up Towns or Lillard (I live in Portland...die hard Blazer fan...keeping Dame). Slightly leaning to JJJ for long term keeper potential, but this is tough.
  4. If punting fg, that makes sense. In general, I like Young a bit more, but that's probably just preference.
  5. Jaren Jackson Jr or Paskal Siakam? We keep 3 - my other two are Lillard and Towns. Cannot decide between JJJ and Siakam, though leaning to JJJ. WHIR