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  1. Not having Posey on the list is lunacy. Bonds and Posey are musts IMO, after that you can make a debate about the other two. I think I prefer Bumgarner and Clark.
  2. If your definition of "normalcy" is a 100% return to pre-COVID behavior and practices... 2021? Until we get a vaccine or enough time has elapsed, there's no return to normalcy.
  3. I'll do the honors.
  4. And if one or more of those people test positive? Or if the test gave a false positive or negative?
  5. I mean, the death rate IS an issue considering the lack of herd immunity, the relatively high transmissibility and no vaccines or treatment available. A 1% death rate for something that has been around for hundreds of years and has a vaccine isn't a big issue; diptheria has a fatality rate much higher (5-10%) but because we vaccinate for it, it can't get a foothold in our populations. This is despite relative ease of transmission (r0 = 7).
  6. Totally agree. Sent from my iPhone while driving drunk
  7. (bolding mine) I've read that COVID-19 is similarly transmissible to SARS (r0 = 3), do you mean that it's just not anywhere near as deadly as SARS or MERS?
  8. This is the problem--what if one of the players gets COVID and all teams are in the same city (Las Vegas has been floated as an idea)? Would they have to re-shut-down the league for another 2 weeks? Keep going without the infected player? What a clusterf***.
  9. I'll be honest, you lost me with these. I hope you are right but I am almost certain you are wrong about the latter point.
  10. Because if you make up all the remaining games, and you don't start until June (just for argument's sake), you end up pushing the finals back to September, and the season typically starts in October. Players need a break and the league would probably prefer to keep the season opener as close to October as possible. Also, more games = more contact = more exposure = more risk. Why play "meaningless" games that just increase everyone's chances of contracting the virus? There wouldn't even be fans in the stands, most likely, so the financial upside isn't there, either.