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  1. Watched a lot of this game. Obviously thrilled with the production, but a little concerned about some of the mistakes he's making. Had a catchable ball in the end zone that he couldn't come up with, had another drop later, ran a wrong route on another play. That said the route running is elite so perhaps we just have to live with these kinds of mistakes until he's more experienced.
  2. Totally depends on whether you are H2H or roto. For roto, Giannis and Luka are debatably 2nd rounders. For H2H you can just punt their weaknesses, or build around them. That said I feel Doncic is going to be consistently overdrafted based on "popcorn stats" while people ignore his deficiencies in STL, TO, and FT%.
  3. Last year, 100 targets would have ranked 4th among all RBs (not just rookies), so that is a bit aggressive IMO. The 120 rushes works out to 7.5 per game and seems pretty reasonable. I would take the under on both those totals but they aren't that far from reality.
  4. There's a ton of unknowns here, many surrounding GIbson but some for Love as well. Can Gibson sustain a load carrying the ball if he's never displayed that ability before? Is he going to get Haskins murdered on a failed blitz pickup? Can he even run between the tackles at all? And then there's Love, coming off a very significant knee injury and not having played a down in the NFL, but with a very complete collegiate record to fall back on.
  5. Not having Posey on the list is lunacy. Bonds and Posey are musts IMO, after that you can make a debate about the other two. I think I prefer Bumgarner and Clark.
  6. If your definition of "normalcy" is a 100% return to pre-COVID behavior and practices... 2021? Until we get a vaccine or enough time has elapsed, there's no return to normalcy.
  7. I'll do the honors.
  8. And if one or more of those people test positive? Or if the test gave a false positive or negative?
  9. I mean, the death rate IS an issue considering the lack of herd immunity, the relatively high transmissibility and no vaccines or treatment available. A 1% death rate for something that has been around for hundreds of years and has a vaccine isn't a big issue; diptheria has a fatality rate much higher (5-10%) but because we vaccinate for it, it can't get a foothold in our populations. This is despite relative ease of transmission (r0 = 7).