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  1. Makes too much sense this dude gets traded. Cowboys?
  2. I'd guess the only way Fitz is back is if the team he's traded to is scheduled to play the Dolphins.
  3. Maybe he knows a surgeon who knows a surgeon?
  4. A doctor who's on a fantasy message board 24/7.
  5. Hendo caps the clinical first drive with a one-yard TD run.
  6. The NFL has nearly 2,000 players on active rosters, not counting practice squads/coaches/etc. That a heavy load to monitor.
  7. I hear ya, but what would almost certainly amount to an average of 10 targets a game without that second-quarter exit would push him into Top 10 in targets among WRs. Sure, small samples size - and I'm not saying he's blowing up every week - but he seems to at least have a shot to put up big numbers on a consistent basis. (again, seems, it's early, but I'm buying it.)
  8. Averaging 8.3 targets over three games, and that includes the game he left mid-second quarter with a concussion.