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  1. Sportsline Live Scoring, had Misfits up 148.82-148.64 after Thomas' last catch, but adjusted to this shortly after, which ended up being the final score. Feeling a stat adjustment coming.
  2. I haven't posted in this thread this year, mainly because just about every lineup decision I've made has been wrong, and that's my fault only. Still, it's cathartic to come in here and read other's horror stories. Godspeed fantasy brothers.
  3. I actually followed through on this once. Stayed out three years, but it pulled me back in.
  4. Miles Sanders and Ertz to score less than nine points combined. So yeah, see you next year.
  5. This isn't mine, but a dude in my league. He's finished for the season with a 5-8 record and the second-highest point total in the league; I'm 6-7 with a pathetic roster, yet I'm still alive. Fantasy can be so f****ed.
  6. But what about the ouchie on his face? Worried.
  7. I have Golladay, Kirk, Westbrook and Pascal, and I'm dropping Miller for the extra roster spot. (CBS league, so he'd be locked and undroppable if I kept him.) Only starting two of these goofballs, and have no idea who. (I was probably starting Miller an hour ago.) Hope this context helps.
  8. "cheering on my teammates." * * kidding, he's playing - for a quarter.